May 28, 2009

2009 Topps retail (it's boring)

Let me start by saying I had no hopes of anything great for two reasons, 1. the Goudey packs I opened, and 2. because it's Topps retail. So I am not disappointed by the packs.

To go along with Sooz's last blog about bad photography, I scanned three more examples.

We know the first one is Kouz because of his shirt, not that this couldn't have been some dude playing softball down the road (poor Sooz). Next, Nelson Cruz eating dirt. Glad I don't collect him. Then David DeJesus, or is it.... ???

Here were the "hits" if you will.

I am looking at these scans now realizing I missed sending some cards in packages today. Oh well, they will go out next time.

I am also too lazy to look on Beckett and it keeps forcing Firefox to restart, but if there is a blue Pujols ToppsTown please send me one (yes, that means you). I like blue, and I like Albert so that will work out quite well.

If anyone is looking to finish off Series 2 and needs cards, almost all my base cards are available for trade.

I am watching the O's/Tigers game right now and one of the announcers had no idea that Wieters was being brought up tomorrow. Why do I know that and they don't? I can watch lots and lots of baseball and not get bored. I will probably watch the Dodgers soon and I am hoping that I get the L.A. broadcast so I can listen to Scully.


  1. The Kouzmanoff card is really awful. But I think the Cruz and DeJesus cards are awesome.

    Thanks for the cards!

  2. Me likey Adam Jonsey Turkey Reddy,

  3. Me no likey. E-mail me with your address and I'll send it out for a Pujols to be named later.