May 7, 2009

2009 Goudey blaster

I went to Target today to get a Brita pitcher since I am trying to stop using plastic water bottles, and stop drinking diet soda (might not happen right away). My last stop was my "office" as I call it since I spend so much time in that aisle thinking. I discovered they had 2 2009 Goudey blasters. Since my mom picked the last one I got, I had her pick this one as well. I figured maybe she will pick another good blaster since I usually get air when I pick them.

Here is how it went down:

Pack 1

Jason Varitek (of course, it had to start out with one of "them")
Brian Roberts
Melvin Mora
Sport Royalty Adrian Peterson

Troy (I don't autograph TTM cards for Lucy) Tulowitzki
Alcides Escobar
Felix Hernandez
Brad Penny

Pack 2

Nick Markakis

Carlos Guillen
James Parr
Dan Haren
Bob Gibson
Kevin Slowey
J.J. Hardy
Shairon Martis

Pack 3

Brandon Webb
Vladimir Guerrero
Rich Harden
4-in 1 Goudey Hamilton, Morneau, Fielder, Howard

Josh Hamilton (he's ready for his journey to Canada to see his friend Trish)
Cole Hamels (Hey Sooooooz)
Scott Kazmir

Pack 4

Ken Griffey Jr.
Curt Schilling (I mean really, how on Earth is he in this set?)
Carlos Lee
Garret Anderson
4-in 1 Goudey Matsuzaka, Beckett, Masterson, Papelbon (4 times the hatred!)

UD Retrospective Wayne Gretzky
Carlos Gonzalez
Ryan Doumit (Jeff will give you a good home)

Pack 5

Kerry Wood
Jed Lowrie (snarl)
David Ortiz (double snarl. Ron will love you all)
Goudey Mini Cole Hamels (I like the mini cards, though the sit oddly in my binder)

Bobby Crosby
Jose Reyes
Miguel Montero
Roy Halladay (Hey Duane!)

Pack 6 (nice)

Dexter Fowler
Dan Uggla
Dave Concepcion
Goudey Mini John Lackey

Goudey Heads Up Lance Berkman

Joba Chamberlain (not trading or giving away until I have a double)

Conor Gillaspie
Pat (the bat) Burrell

Pack 7 (The Yankee pack)

Clayton Kershaw
Mark Teixeira
Carlos Zambrano
Shane Victorino
Phil Coke
Joe Nathan
Cristian Guzman
Sparky Lyle

Pack 8 (mini mojo!!)

Jeff Baisley
Kirk Gibson
Lance Berkman
Jason Bay (snarl)
Goudey Mini black border C.C. Sabathia serial numbered 04/21

Goudey 4-in 1 Chamberlain, Harden, Verlander, Lincecum (one of my favorites in the box, also not for trade)

Garrett Atkins
Jay Bruce

This was definitely a fun blaster. The only problem I noticed with the cards (aside from the crude drawings or whatever they are) is that the first card in each pack had minor damage to the upper left of the card. There looks like s slight indentation on each of the first cards. I don't mind the drawing or design, I expected it to be a little worse from seeing them on other blogs and eBay. They are by far worse looking than last years. I would have liked them more if they used the player depictions from last year on this years design.

Even though there was no Pujols or Jeter card in the box, I did get 2 Joba cards and a few other Yankees so I'm pretty happy. I also drank a glass of my filtered water while typing this (win win). There are a great number of these that will end up in my binders, which I will probably work on at some point tonight or tomorrow along with putting my Heritage in binders.

P.S. If anyone opened some Goudey and got and Pujols cards, let me know.


  1. A James Parr AND an Adrian Peterson?
    those were your two best cards by far....

  2. You mentioned a Clayton Kershaw card and didn't mention ME?

    I'm hurt. ;)

    I like the Brita pitcher. It's helped me cut down on soft drinks, too.

  3. Hush Canuck.

    night owl, the Kershaw is yours for a Pujols to be named later. =)

  4. Your blaster was way better than mine

    but I did get a Pujols 4-in 1 I'll be sending you =)

  5. Nice Yankee haul! I had no idea they were in the set. Now you will have me searching for those cards. Very nice pulls. Now, maybe, just maybe, the Yankees can win a game!

  6. You wouldn't want to send the Adrian Peterson along to Minnesota, would you? I have an 09 Goudey of Pujols - not sure if it's an SP or not - one of the Heads Up-ish cards like you pulled of CC. I set it aside for you, if you want it.

  7. I like the player selection on the quad-cards. I usually see those multi-player cards and wonder why they're grouped together. The Red Sox foursome is especially nice. :)

  8. So many pretty Hamiltons. :)

    I didn't like the quads when I first saw them, but they are really starting to grow on me. I like the player selection also.

    I hear you on the stopping soda thing (although I call it pop). At least you are hooked on diet, and not the hard stuff. I found switching to bottled water actually helped, because it was kind of the same feel in my hand. That, and double strength Nestea singles.

  9. I opened a Goudey blaster and had the SAME issue with the first card in each pack and a small indentation on the upper left of each card.

  10. Trust me, it's not just the 2 we opened. I'll explain that later.

    Did you get any Pujols cards? =)

  11. Pujols Heads Up (plus YSLs) is in the mail with Sooz's package.

  12. I concur on the small indentation of the first card in my blasters as well.

    I'm still hoping I can run across a black numbered card in the last blaster I have to open.

    I saw some talk of Pujols and thought I'd mention I pulled a mini if that is of interest to you.

  13. Sharpe-- e-mail me at cardbandits @ gmail dot com

    I am definitely interested in trading for the mini