May 1, 2009

2009 Finest Box Break

Before I get on with the box break, I apologize for the pictures. They were taken with my phone. I have no desire to scan the cards because my desk is a mess with other stuff than baseball cards. It requires lots of work to get it clean. So, here is the box of cards I picked up this morning at a card show.

I'll put up my review of the cards some time tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the cards and let me know if anyone is looking for a trade. I'll break some of the suspense and let you know that I didn't get any Jeter cards. So I'll need one.

Box 1
Pack 1

Joba Chamberlain
Josh Beckett (God, I hate him. He's ruining my fantasy baseball team
Miguel Cabrera
Rich Harden, blue refractor /399
AJ Burnett

Pack 2

Andre Ethier
CC Sabathia (He's batting ... as a Yankee. Hmmm.)
Paul Konerko
Rookie Redemption #9
Ichiro, green refractor /99
Geovany Soto

Pack 3
Rich Rundles RC
Ryan Ludwick
Freddy Sandoval
John Jaso, refractor RC
Carlos Quentin

Pack 4
Eric Chavez
Wade LeBlanc RC
Kevin Youklis
Alfonso Soriano, refractor
Brad Nelson RC

Pack 5
Roy Halladay
Alex Rios, blue refractor /399
Cliff Lee
Joe Saunders
Mark Buehrle

Pack 6

John Jaso
Jacoby Ellsbury
Chien-Ming Wang
Greg Golson auto patch 'O' /218
Alcides Escobar RC

Box 2
Pack 1

Jamie Moyer
Francisco Rodriguez
Scott Kazmir
Prince Fielder, gold refractor /50
Jason Motte RC

Pack 2
Ryan Braun
Jimmy Rollins
Brandon Webb
Josh "Jerkface" Beckett, blue refractor /399
Grady Sizemore

Pack 3

Yunel Escobar
Adrian Gonzalez
John Lackey
Nick Markakis, refractor
Miguel Tejada

Pack 4
Jake Peavy
Mark Teixeira
Chris Young
Jacoby Ellsbury, refractor
Ryan Howard

Pack 5
Jim Thome, blue refractor /399
Jose Reyes
Aubrey Huff
Jon Lester
Andrew Carpenter RC

Pack 6
Vernon Wells
Jason Bay
Rafael Furcal
Chris Lambert
David Price auto rookie patch 'E' /285


  1. Can't go wrong with a David Price auto. Cheers.

  2. I'm at work right now, but I would be interested in the Cliff Lee and Grady Sizemore.I'll see what I can find to trade when I get home this afternoon.If you haven't thrown them out, I would be interested in a wrapper also.

  3. Two Blue Jays in one pack...someone is a little lucky today.

    Three Blue Jays overall, Sounds like a pack i would like to have pulled

  4. Wow. That must have been some super-rare error version of Josh Beckett that has his middle name as "jerkface" and not "Patrick." That msut be worth a lot more.

  5. Are you collecting the base cards? If not, I'd sure like to have the Ethier and Furcal cards.

  6. These cards are all for trade. Just give me a couple of days to get my life in order. I have cards and a trade queue that needs to get moving.

  7. Wow a Golson and a Price. Talk about different ends of the auto value spectrum.