April 19, 2009

Yankee Stadium is Coors Field East?

That was said on ESPN a little while ago, and it has to make you wonder what is going to happen the rest of the way. The Yankess and Indians combined for 17 homeruns in the first 3 days of the stadium opening which is a new record. There are clearly differences from the old Stadium, specifically the jet stream that everyone is claiming as the problem. There is also the fact that all along the top of the stadium the wall is mostly open, and it was not like that in the old one. There is speculation that once they knock down the old Stadium (and put it out of it's misery), that the jet stream will change.

This stadium could become a nightmare for pitchers and a homerun derby for anyone at the plate. It seems that most balls hit to right field have gone out, and it's not that hard in the first place since that is the short porch. There was also something else that was pointed out on this blog, about how there is no railing preventing fan interference.

ESPN estimated that at this rate about 460 (I believe that was the number) homeruns will be hit at Yankee Stadium, and last year there were only 160. Yikes.

I was supposed to go to the game tomorrow but it looks like bad rain is in the forecast, so it will probably be a rain out. I will be going to the game on Wednesday with a couple of friends so hopefully it doesn't continue to rain like they are telling me on the news.


  1. So, how does it play at night? I don't think the Yankees have played any but the one night exhibition game in their new facility to date.

    I wonder if it'll be a little harder to homer at night when the air is cooler.

  2. So maybe the next season home run king might be in pinstripes?

    I don't think that Coors Field is really the basis of comparison. The Texas stadia (Ballpark in Arlington and Minute Maid Park) are probably a better match. Just wait for hot, humid summers at near zero elevation.

    The new Yankee Stadium is possibly more like Cape Canaveral North than Coors Field East.