April 6, 2009

What I Learned on Opening Night

As Jon Miller said last night, Happy New Year. For Captain Canuck, he had a great night. The Braves took care of Philadelphia 4-1. They did it well, looking as though they are in mid-season form.

So much happened last night. So much didn't. Here's what I learned last night:

- National television doesn't like pre-game festivities. They didn't do last year's pre-game intros on television during the playoffs. They didn't do them last night. If this game were on local television, Phillies fans would have been able to see the pre-game stuff, which was pretty good. Instead, the fans had to listen to Jon Miller, Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips. And, they saw a replay of Charlie Manuel hoisting the championship flag.


- A change up only works if you have a fastball to go with it. Otherwise it just looks like BP.

- The Phillies' uniforms with gold trimming is only a one-time thing. They won't be wearing them after tonight and will be auctioned with the proceeds going to Phillies' charities.

- I want my next Brett Myers baseball card to be of his back with his hand on his hip looking at centerfield.


  1. Well that's cool that they're selling the gold trim unis for charity. At least I don't have to look at them all year.

  2. I learned that the Braves will be vastly improved over last year.

  3. one game does not a season make... but it was a very good game, wasn't it?

  4. In defense of the national media...having been to a couple ring ceremonies in the last 5 years :), they really would be snoozefests to a national audience. I was barely interested in watching the 25th man on the roster get a ring. I can't imagine sitting through another team's ceremony.

  5. The ring ceremony wasn't last night. It's on Wednesday, when the game will be on local television. There was just the intros of the team, like every team does for the home opener.