April 22, 2009

This isn't me, right? RIGHT?

Being a Kevin Kouzmanoff fan, I like to read updates on him. It's a little more difficult to learn things about him because he is on the West Coast. So, information doesn't filter into New Jersey too often about him.

Here's a previous post explaining why I collect his cards.

Gaslampball.com is blog devoted to the San Diego Padres and they do a great job. So, occasionally I will check out if there is anything new on Kouzmanoff.

There are mp3 of interviews or photos of him out on the town. I like the interviews better because you can get a sense of his personality.

Then, I read this:

I was just thinking that some Padres players seem to attract fans that might be a little more passionate than the average fan or as I call them "psycho". These fans usually can fairly critique other players, but they lose all sense of reason when it comes to their man. In the past the Padres biggest psycho magnets were Khalil Greene and Trevor Hoffman. Hoffman was a little different because every one loved him but the psychos couldn't accept his decline. This year I see all the psycho fans gravitating towards Kevin Kouzmanoff. How many stalkers does that guy have?

Oh dear. There not talking about me, right? I mean, I only collect his cards and had one whole conversation with the guy. It's not like I know his shoe size or anything. Or where he likes to go to dinner.

I just have a 153 of his cards.
1. 5. 3.

That's not stalkerish, right?

And so what if I included a photo of Kouz and his dad. IT SHOULDN'T BE ON THE INTERNET FOR ANYONE TO FIND!



  1. and there is nothing ever wrong with being a little "psycho" ? as long as you admit it you are ok.