April 20, 2009

Sooz's View: New York City ballparks

There is only way to describe the new Yankee Stadium: the Cathedral of Baseball.

For the Yankees, the stadium is perfect. It's unlike any baseball - probably most professional - stadiums out there. We've shown you pictures of it and it's obviously gorgeous. But is it too much?

I've seen Yankee Stadium described two ways since it has opened: a mall and a museum. So picture it as a place selling antiquities. However, in a way that's exactly what it is. The Yankees aren't selling a baseball game. They're selling their rich history. Fans aren't going there to see New York baseball, but get the opportunity to cheer for the most storied franchise in professional sports.

Sadly, that's what makes the Yankees who they are. They're a great team but the organization almost makes it feel you need them, not the other way around.

While it's only been three games at the new ballpark, much has been said about how quiet it is. I'm a little surprised because I figured the fans' asses would be hurting too much to sit after what it took to get a ticket.

On the TBS broadcast, the announcers said you couldn't build a typical ballpark for this team. Why not? It would have been cheaper and friendlier.

That's what Citi Field is (although anything is cheaper than $1.5 billion).

That stadium is night and day compared to Shea. I've heard fans have complained about the sight lines at the stadium and that is unfortunate, but it was a stadium I would go back and enjoy more games. However, I already got in the Padres trip for their one visit this year.

Considering my parent's home is just 15 minutes from Yankee Stadium, it's sad that I would rather go there. But I admit. I wouldn't be going to Citi Field for the baseball. There are other amenities to enjoy.

So this isn't minor league baseball, I've heard some fans say. Why do we need more than a three-hour baseball game?

Because baseball is spent enjoying yourself with the people around you or by yourself. You want to go to a ballpark and feel the team thought of you when building something that was supposed to be for the fan. In reality, I've seen well over 200 games at Yankee Stadium. I've spent a lot of summers there. However, no one asked me (or any other fan) what do they think. It's apparent.

But they did make sure that every player had a computer at their locker.

To see pictures of both stadium. Check out Marie's post on our baseball adventure, when he hit both stadiums in one day.



  1. "I'm a little surprised because I figured the fans' asses would be hurting too much to sit after what it took to get a ticket."

    Zing! Love it.

  2. 1)If the price would not be a factor, how much would fans appreciate new Yankee Stadium

    2) If Shea wasn't som much of a dumped would Citi-field be as popular?

  3. Thanks for the photos. The museum looks incredible. Yankee stadium is going to set a new benchmark in sports stadia.

  4. Both good questions ...

    1. I paid $12 for my ticket. So my opinion is based on the same $12 that I paid last year for the ticket. Everything I feel about the new Stadium (by the way, I don't dislike it) is based on the same ticket I've paid for more than a decade.

    2. Citi Field is very nice in its own right. But it's getting better reviews because of what was there before it.

    The real telling story is what is going to happen in in about five years. Because it's new, things will need to be fixed.

    Baseball is a game of adjustments. I guess it's the same for baseball stadiums.

  5. I guess when you haven't won a championship this century, you're stuck dwelling in the past, eh? :)