April 8, 2009


Today we slacked off on the blog, but we are sure you understand. Today was research day for us. We went to Target and did some. We found that they were immensely stocked full of blasters, retail packs, and rack packs. They even got in a new bargain box of packs that was mostly hockey, and basketball with a few 2006 Upper Deck Updates for baseball.

We both opted for a few packs of 2009 Upper Deck First Edition because they were economical for scratching the itch. Scans to come soon on those. Sooz also picked up a Topps Attax starter deck which was going to be our entertainment while waiting for our nachos, but we got bored with that very quickly. The best part of that for me was a Pujols card.

Sooz just left my house, we were entertaining ourselves with the third game of the day that we watched, fourth game if you consider we watched the Rangers also. We took a short break to watch My Boys on TBS, which if you watched that you saw more commercials than show which is annoying because it's a 30 minute show that only airs once a week. Adam Lind unfortunately did not have a repeat performance of last night, I was hopeful but I also know better. He was/is supposed to be a power hitter for the Jays and they are holding out hope. So are me and my collection, but it is what it is. Kouzmanoff had a triple tonight which was awesome, however it could have had more to do with Gonzalez running the wrong way. Either way that's a good night for Kouzmanoff and Sooz's collection.

I'm still watching the Dodgers/Padres and it's partially for Vin Scully. I would trade all announcers except John Sterling (for obvious stupidity and on air amusement) for Vin Scully to to the Yankees TV broadcasts. He mentioned an interesting stat early in the game tonight that I never knew, and probably should know because the Yankees broadcasters could have mentioned this once in the last 23 years that I can remember watching games. Joe DiMaggio never struck out more than 39 times in a season in his career, and in the season he had the 56 game hitting streak he struck out only 13 times. Consider Ryan Howard for arguments sake here, has struck out 199 times 2 season in a row and is still considered one of the games best first basemen. Albert struck out just 54 times last year and 58 in 2007. Then there's A-Rod, struck out 117 times in 2008 and 120 in 2007. Just for some perspective if you really needed it.

P.S. It is snowing here, so much for Spring.

EDIT: Did anyone watch the Jays/Tigers? There was a ridiculous play on an intentional walk. Purcey went to throw on the intentional walk, air mailed it to the backstop, gets the ball back from the catcher and attempts to make an out at 2nd but air mails it AGAIN into CF this time. Way to go, Purcey.


  1. Seen the Jays play, and my heart stopped. And then Aaron Hill revived me, then BJ Ryan stopped it again, then Barajas saved the day. We will pretend that the Purcey play didn't happen.
    btw I really need to go through list of YSL's that you need, I have a stack of them and I won't be finishing that sucker. I mean if I keep posting here I need to do a trade, right?

  2. Well, now that you mention it... Yes, a trade would be awesome. And a trade for YSL cards would be even "awesomer".

    Heath Bell just screamed, "Let's f--kin go!" after he saved the game.

  3. Yes he did!!
    Okay I went through the list.

    I'll just send an email.

  4. Joe Dimaggio Career HR Number is just under his career RBI number. I am too lazy to look it up but the numbers are like 373/378 something like that. I don't think anybody with more than 10 Homers is even close to that ratio.

  5. I watched the Tigers/Jays game and I agree that the intentional walk play by Purcey was bad, but it wasn't half as bad as the pitching performance by Tiger reliever Brandon Lyons, or the managing of Leyland. Oh well looks like my Tigers are destined to finish last again this year.