April 10, 2009

No need to leave the house

It's raining again and I don't care because there is no reason to go out. There is plenty of baseball on tonight, I went out between games to grab an iced coffee to have in a little while after I finish this giant bowl of lettuce. Today for some is Good Friday, which means you can't eat any meat. Which is torture for me because I hate eating a lot of white breads, and really aside from toast, eggs, tuna, and pizza there isn't much if you don't feel like making a fish. I'm not big on fish, ended up having grilled shrimp with broccoli for dinner which was like eating air. Hence, the giant bowl of lettuce now.

So here I am watching the Cards/Astros and flipping between the commercials and at bats to the Mets/Marlins. The Extra Innings package is by far the best thing to ever happen to tv, and possibly the worst thing for my social life. Sadly not many people I know like baseball this much, and some people even find it boring (blasphemy).

Cole Hamels destroyed my night in fantasy baseball, and his teams chances of winning more importantly. It makes me wonder if his elbow has healed or if he will end up on the DL. Sooz knows all about his career and battling with the DL on a consistent basis so she may be a better judge of what may or may not go on in this case. Poor Cole, even though he killed my pitching I feel bad (and no I have no idea why). Ohh, did anyone see the play where Cole threw the ball into the players back running up the line to first and the guy was called out? If not check it out on ESPN later because I don't understand where the umpire wanted the dude to run, because he would have been out of the baseline, and the pitcher and first basemen usually make those plays without throwing into the runner. It was interesting to say the least.

Anyone else home watching baseball? Feel free to entertain me because I think Sooz is out of commission and I like being entertained.

P.S. How about the Cole Hamels as an Abercrombie model picture? LOL.


  1. It's been a good day/night for Mr. Lind! I'll second the motion on the Extra innings package though for me it is the mlb.tv package(much cheaper). I accomplish nothing when I can watch the Jays. Except for when they are playing the Indians(black out rules) and I can watch em on TV b/c my directv is on the fritz(booo). but yea go baseball!

  2. I watched a bit of the Washington/Braves game until they pulled the tarp for the rain delay. Then over to a bit of college ball, but it wasn't very good.

    Now, I'm watching Quark on DVD.

    I need to get a life.

  3. I haven't moved since I wrote this blog.

    My boy Lind is smashing it tonight. I have the MLB Mix channel on now, I am watching 7 games at once and listening to Vin Scully most of the time.

  4. Watching my Angels play the Red Sox.(mlb package-gotta luv it)
    Nice outing from Weaver so far.

    Good Friday-I get to eat real food tomorrow(I gave up red meat and pork for lint)-brazilian stakehouse tomorrow(all u can eat meat)


  5. Of course I don't have Lind on any of my fantasy teams. I'll take a big year in real life while taking the hit in fantasy! I am hoping the Angels score a couple of more runs to give some room for Weaver and take away the save(I don't have any of the Angel relievers). And there is one more.
    I now have to figure out how to get the mlb.tv from my computer to my TV.