April 5, 2009

New season, same problem

To kick of the 2009 season, I will tell you of my purchase at work the other day. I noticed we got in some new single cards and I decided to flip through some of the piles since the store wasn't busy. The first time I did, I found nothing. Second time was the jackpot, for me and Sooz. I'm the best. I bought myself 2 cards, and picked up one for Sooz.

Here is what I picked up:

2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Phil Hughes - $1.00... after discount.... $0.80

2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Andy Pettitte - $1.00, after discount.... $0.80 (For Sooz)

2008 Bowman Chrome Phil Hughes - $1.00, after discount.... $0.80
Can't beat these 3 cards for $2.40 that's for sure. I was really surprised that they priced the chrome cards for only a buck, then again I don't care why they did. I didn't see any other chrome ones there otherwise I would have bought more for those prices.
Check out my post about the Yankees first game in their new stadium, which has a ton of pictures that took a loooooong time to upload.

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