April 14, 2009

My new favorite Yankee and I'm changing my team name

Last night, the Yankees -- and their fans -- had a night to forget. They didn't pitch well, hit when it was far too late, and one of their most expensive acquisitions hasn't played in three games.

It wasn't fun, except if you were Nick Swisher (or Dave). The Yankees first baseman (and outfielder at times) pitched an inning of relief, doing better than starter Chien Ming Wang. In fact, he even struck out good ol' Gabe Kapler.

Good. Ol'. Gabe.


Swisher pitches scoreless inning as Yanks fall, 15-5

BY KAT O'BRIEN kat.obrien@newsday.com
12:33 AM EDT, April 14, 2009

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The Rays pounded the Yankees so handily last night that all you have to know is this: Outfielder/first baseman Nick Swisher pitched the bottom of the eighth for the Yankees.

And Swisher was the best pitcher the Yankees put on the mound in a 15-5 loss to the Rays, as he threw a scoreless inning.

OK, maybe Swisher - who last pitched as a freshman in high school and said he believes he gave up a couple of home runs that day - was not the best, but he was the only one of five Yankees not to allow a run. He even struck out Gabe Kapler.

"I wanted to try to compete, even though I am out there pumping 78 [mph] or whatever," he said. "You've got to find something to laugh about in that moment. If I'm the guy everybody's laughing at, I'm OK with that."


He didn't give up one run in a 15-run game (that was the last I looked at the score anyway).

Is it too late to change my fantasy baseball team name? Gabe's Babe doesn't really seem to be cutting it anymore -- in a number of ways. Despite that my team is in eighth place in the blogger league, it's a bad omen when the guy you name your team after strikes out against a guy throwing batting-practice fastballs.

If he can't hit 80 mile-per-hour heat, how is he supposed to inspire the rest of the team through the season.

How about Swisher's Babe?

Or Swisher's Sweetheart?

Candy of the Week?


  1. how about Bottom Feeder?

    Basement Troll?

    Cellar Dweller?

    I like it on the Bottom?

    How's the Weather Up There?

    Can You Hear Me Now?

  2. You could keep the name Gabe's Babe, but make it about Gabe GROSS instead of of KAPLER. I'm a much bigger fan of the left-handed member of the "Gabe of the day" platoon.