April 28, 2009

My first trip to Fenway

Sunday was my first time going to Fenway Park, and I must admit I really liked the park despite it being home to the enemy. I think part of the reason that I liked it was because it gives you a nostalgic feeling when you see it, not to mention it was one of the parks I see on tv and have always wanted to visit. When we were driving into Boston, I spotted the Citgo sign that I see on tv all the time and instantly knew we were close. Once you get close enough to see it, or any stadium for that matter you kind of get excited (at least I do).

The surrounding area of the park is great for baseball. There are bars, shops, and best of all no traffic to dodge while being around it. Once you are inside there is another small little village of stuff, including a tremendous fan store, concessions, and best of all freshly made kettle corn. Sooz and I are big fans of kettle corn, and I have mentioned this before but if you have never tried it you need to. You don't know what you are missing.

Walking into the park itself was interesting, as the floor was on a downward slope and it was like walking into a cave. Reminded me somewhat of the old Stadium because when you walked into the bleachers area it was kind of cave-like and secluded (which I always liked). The park looks ancient, but has that old time baseball charm to it. There is an outdoor area with picnic tables and concessions, some high top tables to stand at and eat, and more glorious kettle corn.

I would have taken my camera along, but to walk around in there in my Andy Pettitte t-shirt and take a million pictures would not have been a good first experience there. I had no interest in drawing even more attention to myself while just trying to enjoy a park and a game.

As we walked up the tunnel to see the field for the first time, again I was sadly excited, and not disappointed. It was awesome in person. When you walk in you are only like 30 or so rows from the field which is something I am not used to from Yankee Stadium. It was green, it was old, and it was awesome (despite the Red Sox occupying it). I really enjoyed walking around the park and watching the game there, we even met a couple of nice Boston fans (shocking), and were high-fived by several passing Yankees fans throughout the game.

The game itself was a huge emabarrasing failure, and wouldn't have been as terrible if Ellsbury didn't steal home. I mean really, we didn't think it could get worse unless we were no hit but I think that was pretty bad.

The one thing that I didn't expect was for this trip to make me even more grumpy about the new Yankee Stadium, but it sure did. I've been to several other parks, most of them were newer places but this made me really miss the old Stadium. I also think that Fenway could have been knocked down long before Yankee Stadium because this place is in way worse shape than Yankee Stadium was. However, none of that matters now.

I would definitely go back to Fenway to see another game, and I think it is definitely a park that everyone should try and see it some point.


  1. That's so cool that you guys went to Fenway! We went 2 years ago and it's hard not to fall in love with that stadium. It is my wife's favorite ballpark. I hope that you sang Sweet Caroline during the 8th inning...I love that atmosphere all around the stadium before and after the game. Hopefully someday I can go back. What fun!!!

  2. I'm not a Red Sox fan, but Fenway is one place I intend to visit before I die.

  3. I agree - I LOVED Fenway when I went there in September. It's #1 on my list of favorite stadiums that I've been to - it surpassed Yankee Stadium on that list. I was also surprised by the friendliness of the Boston fans when I was there. Although I think that most fans of opposing teams just feel sorry for Rays fans... now I'm off topic, but one of my favorite moments at an opposing team's stadium was in Baltimore in 2006. An O's fan saw my Rays jersey and yelled out "YOU GUYS SUCK MORE THAN WE DO!"

  4. I made it to Fenway several years ago. It was very exciting for me. I can't imagine what it would have been like to actually have seen a game there.

    When I was there the Red Sox were out in California. I did manage to sneak into the stadium a bit before I was caught.

  5. I hadn't been to Fenway in three years, but I've been there about 12-15 times. It's one of my favorite places to visit even though some of the fans can be a bit jerky.

    I like to watch my games in peace, no matter where I am.

    But there are some pretty cool Red Sox fans out there, who I've enjoyed hanging out with over the years.

  6. It really goes to show what a great job the new owners have done with the place. Most of the highlights you mentioned are new within the last 5 years or so. The picnic tables, the open concourses, the kettle corn, concessions. The place was really showing it's age for a while there. It's nice that they've been able to combine the old world charm with the new basic requirements of a newer park. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  7. Great pictures! Fenway is one of the ballparks on my "must visit" list, even though its home to enemy for me as well. I didn't make it to the old Yankee Stadium, so hopefully I can get to Fenway before they tear it down, but for some reason it doesn't seem like they ever will.

    Dave, sorry for yelling at you. At the time...it was true. Now...not so much.

  8. Isn't Fenway great! The whole scene around there is amazing. Fenway and Wrigley are the two parks that every baseball needs to see. Seeing the pictures pushes me to want to go again!

  9. Thanks for the write-up and pictures from your visit. Only downside for this old park is the cramped legroom for non-Monster seats. It's a blessing that they added SRO tickets, both for affordability and not feeling like a sardine by the third inning.

  10. I say boycott the kettle korn at fenway. I started the business there. Once it got busy and I started to get a following, Aramark kicked me to the curb and decided to take over telling me 'no hard feelings'. Very poor business practice.