April 27, 2009

Message to the New York Yankees

Dear Yankees,

May 4. Jacoby Ellsbury on his ass.
That's all I have to say.



  1. Careful. With Posada benind the plate, the last thing you want to do is put Ellsbury on base. Three steals, and it's a run. :)

  2. I have no problem with Ellsbury stealing home. Actually, good for him because he's playing the game the way it's supposed to be played.

    However, give me a break with the curtain call and the goofiness. The game had to be held up.

    First pitch, knock him on his ass, Yankees.

  3. "The curtain call and the goofiness" - come on, Sooz - the Yankees are famous for their curtain calls and goofiness more than anyone!

    Intentionally hitting batters with pitches has no place in the game - unless the player intentionally tried to hurt one of your players or if they're Coco Crisp.

  4. Intentionally hitting batters has every right to exist in baseball. It's how pitchers retaliate for what the other team does to your team. I'm not saying throw at his head (maybe by accident), but sissy mary can handle on in the thigh or the back.

  5. I'm not saying that it shouldn't exist - but it shouldn't happen because of a play that Ellsbury made or how the fans reacted (curtain call). It should only happen if he tried to spike the second baseman or something like that... if the Yankees can't handle a steal of home and a curtain call, then they're the "sissies" in my opinion.

  6. I couldn't call myself a Pedro fan, and not think it was ok to drill a batter once in a while. I agree it should be below the neck though.

    I wouldn't drill a guy for a curtain call. It wasn't his fault. Now, if he jumped up and down in front of Posada, and made a scene...maybe.

    But, as a Sox fan, I hope the Yanks drill Ellsbury every time he's up the rest of the season. He could use the help getting on base.

  7. As a Yankee fan that wished all of the Red Sox would end up in the hospital last night, I gotta disagree with putting Ellsbury on his tuckus. It was Posada's fault he stole home. The Yankees just need to go out and play the game right instead of failing to do the basics. this Yankee team needs to wake up.

  8. I thought more about this.

    I still feel the same way. And it's not like I would feel differently if the roles were reversed. Then, the other team should knock the Yankees player on his ass.

    No hitting in the head .. at all. But there is nothing wrong with pitching inside.

  9. Agree with you Sooz, nothing wrong with pitching inside. But if you're wearing body armor above the ankle. You're fair game.