April 29, 2009

Is it a problem when...

you are folding your clean laundry and notice that you had washed the following items:

(All Yankees team shirts)
- #51 Williams
- #25 Teixeira
- #62 Chamberlain
- #2 Jeter
- #46 Pettitte

- Card Bandits t-shirt
- Gym shorts

I also forgot Ryan Braun who is in the hamper, I'm wearing an Albert Pujols t-shirt, and that's not even all of 'em.

Maybe I like baseball too much... or maybe I just collect t-shirts...


  1. not to be rude, but please tell me there was more to it than that. Like socks, underwear, maybe some pants....

  2. I've probably got that many Mets player name t-shirts, but I don't usually wear them all in the same week... I think I even have an old Mo Vaughn one somewhere (unless I actually did get rid of it.)

  3. Canuck, Canuck, Canuck... of course there were 'unmentionables', however I didn't think I needed to alert everyone to that. No socks though, I wash socks with my whites.

  4. I know how exactly what you are talking about. Not only do I have a ton of different Red Sox shirts my wife and 3 kids each have thiers also.

  5. I wanna see what the Card Bandits shirt looks like ...

  6. I see we have some overlap: I have the Pettitte, Joba and Jeter, too. My sister got me a CC for my birthday, and I also have an A-Rod and Clemens.

    I need to get a Bernie, and wouldn't mind a Tino Martinez either.

  7. Not a big deal.

    I've got:
    Jay Bruce
    Carlos Pena - Rays
    Joe Mauer
    Grady Sizemore
    Kevin Youkilis
    Daisuke Matsuzaka
    Jacoby Ellsbury
    Wily Mo Pena - Red Sox (please don't ask)
    Huston Street - A's
    Cole Hamels
    David Wright
    Jose Reyes

    and probably at least one more. Plus I'm picking up at least one, maybe two more coming this season.

  8. Mm hm it's a problem (that is a word in your blog title after all--and you can incorporate A Jersey Problem somehow, yes?) but it's also kind of impressive. We need to upgrade our wardrobe.

  9. Jeez, I am glad I am not the only one. One day I will list all of them so you can see how crazy it is. I still need to get a Cano one, which everyone would probably think I have already.

  10. I think the only real problem is actually owning a jeter shirt.