April 25, 2009

Have you ever ...

This isn't like the drinking game. Unless you want to. It's too hot (on April 25!!!!) to do anything else right now.

Have you ever searched eBay, saw a card and said, "I have to have this card."

That's me right now. I was looking at cards after coming back from a hike and saw this card. I am not giving it away yet, because I am not going to fight with anyone out there for it. But it's pretty and it called out to me when I saw it.

I have several versions of it in my watch list and I will get one of them.

Stay tuned to see who wins. Me or them (I'M COMING AFTER YOU!)!



  1. you go girl.... oh, and it snowed here last night... 3 days in a row of snow.

  2. plenty of times. It's one of the reasons I won't even go on eBay right now for fear I'll spend money I don't have.