April 3, 2009

Exhibition Game

It is thundering and lightning here and half of me is getting ready to drive to the stadium, and the other half wants to crawl into bed. I have a feeling this may be a big waste of time and everyone is still going. The rain is getting lighter as I type this, yet I don't know what I should do.

My camera is all charged up and ready for pictures, and I am ready to see this new place. It's a matter of is it worth $19? Everyone I talked to seems to think so since they are all going.



  1. Heard on "The Fan" this afternoon that even if the game is not played (at Citifield) the park will still be open to walk around.

    At this point, the rain has stopped, go for it.

    Paul in North Jersey

    my word verification is poopeity, is that like holy sh*t

  2. My bad, I forgot you're a Yankee fan, (like me). But, if it were Citi Field, I'd go anyway.

  3. You will kick yourself more for not going then you will for going.