April 16, 2009

count name is yanxchick. So if anyone wants to check any pics from Yankee Stadiun inaugural day, head over there.

Go Yankees!


  1. wow. is that your regular broadcast crew? I was watching a channel called YES, with Paul O'Neill, Ken Singletary and some other loser.
    Those guys are HORRIBLE.
    I feel sorry for you now...

  2. Thanks for the photos. Looks like its a great day. Yes Captain Canuck that is the regular crew - they aren't that bad. Maybe a little parochial at times but you'd expect that from a Yankees crew. Saying that its a bit tempered since they stopped winning as much.

  3. When did the Yankees trade for Dice-K?

  4. I saw this and at first I was all like... CARDBOARD PROBLEM BEEN HAXOR'D!!1#~!