April 10, 2009

Baseball all day

A four-day weekend is something we all crave around this time of year. The weather is pleasant, baseball games are on television and who doesn't love a little time away from the office. However, my four-day weekend will be in recovery mode without the benefit of a lamb dinner on Easter with my family.

This morning, I got three of four wisdom teeth taken out. The dentist did a fine job. The process -- despite two of them being impacted -- took just 15 minutes. My boyfriend, who went on a Dunkin' Donuts run, wasn't even back yet by the time everything was over. I stood outside with an ice pack on my face and a scrip for Vicodin in my hand.

But I'm back home and here I am with gauze in my mouth looking like a chipmunk. There isn't much pain, yet, and I'm hoping to keep myself drugged up enough to not feel any.

Part of the recovery plan includes lots and lots of baseball. I bought the MLB.tv package yesterday, which I already love, and will flip through several games throughout the day (or even watch two or four at the same time).

Here's the plan:
Texas @ Detroit (It's the only game on at 1)
Yankees @ KC while paying attention to the Cubs game because I have Rich Harden. I'll also have the Phillies on the television watching Cole Hamels make his season debut. (Did you know he has never pitched against the Rockies?)
After that I'll be flipping through the rest of the game, watching my fantasy baseball players.

I'll be here all day. So if anyone is around, I'll be here to talk.

We're all a little human: I watched a good amount of coverage of Nick Adenhart's tragic death yesterday. Obviously, it's very sad for his family, teammates and all that knew the 22-year-old. Seeing Scott Boras cry yesterday hit me in a weird way.

It's Scott Boras. I didn't think he had a heart, but there he was crying at the podium.

Tragedies such as this touch everyone. I went on a little rant yesterday about the incident, so I won't stand on the soap box much longer.

I just wish this wasn't an issue that we have had to fight for years and will probably continue to fight for many, many years.



  1. minor clarification - Hamels has not pitched in the regular season v the Rockies. He did pitch against them in the 07 NLDS opener at CBB. Didn't go well, He was to fine and the Rockies were on that great run.

    Thanks for the diatribe on Drunk Driving. There is no reason for it - for anyone - even more so for well compensated professional athletes like Joba.

    It is a message that cannot be stressed enough.

  2. I'm shaking my fists at ESPN News. And, if I could, smack myself over the head.

    In the past two years, I've been to every Phillies playoff game, so I should have remembered that he pitched against them in the playoffs. I knew he had never pitched in Coors Field, but when ESPN News guy just said he never faced them, my pain-killer induced brain took his word for it.

  3. Boras was only crying because he lost a paycheck. His heart is still MIA.

  4. Sadly, Gellman may be right. Though a little cynical I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

  5. Sooz,

    If you don't mind me asking, I have been contemplating the MLB.tv service but wanted to hear from others (outside of MLB testimonials) who have been/are subscribers. Which tier did you subscribe to and how good is the service?


  6. Lots and lots of baseball sounds like a good recovery plan. The baseball cannot start soon enough today, for my non-MLB.tv having self.

    I know somewhere around here I've got an Adam Lind '52 Rookies around here somewhere if you need it. Also, I got a Pujols in my '06 Flair Showcase box from Shopko a couple days ago if you need it too.

    Get well and have a good day. I'll be around. Peace.

    Word Verification: igince

  7. Ohh, I forgot about the free preview. Watching Texas and Detroit now. ^_^

    Word Verification: outswri

  8. Hope you get to feeling better! The meds should keep you mildly out of it for most of the weekend. Or, that would be the hopes anyway, right? Otherwise why bother. :-)

  9. Boras' crying looked and sounded fake to me. I'm with Gellman if he really was crying it was because he lost a future payday.