April 21, 2009

The adventure continues

Last night, I got a text from a bleacher creature friends letting me know that tickets were available for the Yankees/Red Sox series next week.

I haven't been to Fenway since 2006 (I think) and Marie has never been there. I thought it would be a great way to continue our baseballing adventures for the summer.

I've been to Fenway a number of times. I've slept on the sidewalk waiting for tickets when they used to sell standing-room only the day of the game. Now, the Red Sox make it easier by offering these tickets on their site.

But the days of playing wiffeball against Boston fans at 3 a.m. won't be forgotten. Neither will be the time I got kicked out of Fenway. Or the time I punched a Red Sox fan in his face.

Both were seperate occasions.

God, I love Boston.



  1. Standing-room only. Of all the games I have been to Boston, I've only had seats one time.

    Every other time it was SRO.

    I've probably seen 12-15 games there.

  2. We can't fraternize with Boston fans.

  3. Kicked out of Fenway? For what?

  4. Actually, these days, a little fraternizing wouldn't be so bad. Usually, the Yanks fans get in the RF corner. Bad seats, but since they're all together they're louder.

    I assume you were booted for being a Yankee fan, right? Doesn't always take more than that.

  5. Yeah, I usually stand in the right-field corner with my friends. There will be a lot of them there Saturday afternoon.

    I got kicked out for eating ice cream. ... and being a Yankee fan.

    I literally stood there eating ice cream and as one of the woman I was there with got called every racist name in the book (she's hispanic)and the cops came over to see what the fuss was and kicked the three of us out.

    One black woman, one hispanic and myself (I'm white).

    The men who called these other women names stood there and cheered as we got kicked out. I really wasn't that angry about it. I got in for free. A cop working the Fenway detail that we had met a previous visit got us in the game. :)

  6. Not this Sunday. I'll be at the series later in the year. You'll have to come up again.

  7. My brother used to work at Fenway. He could tell you stories.

    I've watched several games there, including a World Series game. I love it there. But I'm not a Yankee fan. I don't know what that experience would be like.