April 8, 2009

2009 Upper Deck First Edition

Yesterday when Sooz and I went to Target I bought some 2009 Upper Deck First Edition packs. These cards are the same exact concept as last year, same card design as Series 1 just without gloss. I'm a sucker for new stuff, especially when it's only 99 cents a pack and you can add in a very slim chance of a new Yankee Stadium Legacy card and I'm in my wallet to buy 'em.

The first pack I opened paid immediate dividends, with an Albert Pujols base card. The second or third pack yielded my 2009 Albert Pujols Starquest card. Sooz gave me a Russell Martin card, and I gave her a Kouzmanoff and her boy Cole Hamels. We opened the packs sitting at the bar watching baseball last night. Sooz bought a starter deck of Topps Attax and forked over the gold foil Albert Pujols that was in the middle of the deck. Hooray. 3 new Pujols cards just for me! I scanned some of the cards to make this more fun.

I will not say that I went back to Target today and snuck a few packs into the cart. Mom needed some stuff in there, and I sneakily added a few packs for my entertainment. I scored a Jeter Starquest, which I may or may not get to keep depending on whether or not Sooz winds up getting one in her travels or not. I kinda like the card, maybe a little more than Pujols' Starquest. I think because Jeter looks like himself on it, and Pujols looks weird because he's clean shaven and appears to be pitching and not throwing.

I haven't checked yet to see if Lind has a card in this set, but I didn't get one if he does. I want him to play well this season so I look like a genius for collecting him for 2 years. Though I have been seeking his cards for a while now, my collection seems to be limited, yet is almost half autograph cards. I can't say I mind, but I need to fill in some gaps in there. Maybe I will post a want list of Lind cards, don't count on me actually doing it but it sounds like a good idea.


  1. You know, sad thing is, if you take away the first edition stripe, you have a kick ass looking card. These should be the regular Upper Deck and the Target throwback should be the regular Topps. 99 cents a pack. When will they learn!!??

  2. I don't know, I like the first edition gold stripe. It balances the design out with the gold bar across the bottom.

    Although I wish card companies would get away from gold. They've been stuck on it for 15 years. Enough already.


    Sorry, I don't mean to yell, but... there's nothing "first" about this set at all. And, no, I am NOT keeping my fingers crossed for a "second" or "third" edition.

  4. No Lind listed on the UD site for this set.
    At least Pujols is doing something else besides his trademark squat...

    PS the word verification says "intomets". I'm into the O's actually...

  5. I think the problem with the first edition stripe isn't the stripe itself, but that it says "FIRST EDITION" in big, bold letters.

    Just take away the text, then I think you'd have a great card design.

  6. The First Edition cards look much better than UD's regular foil issue, and they're readable!

  7. Why have none of you noticed the obvious?? That is NOT Albert Pujols on the Starquest card. It is a pitcher. Even Albert cannot shave and regrow hair that fast.

  8. I think it's Pujols. He's wearing number five (although there may be another number hiding) and he's wearing a first baseman's mitt. I don't know any pitchers that have that kind of mitt.