April 2, 2009

2009 Topps Team Sets

Today I did my part in helping the economy and my store by purchasing a 2009 Topps Yankees team set. Topps did something clever this year, and it is appreciated. They decided to include a "free collectors" case with the cards inside. This is great for two reasons, it shows that they are trying to make collectors get more bang for the buck and it protects the cards from flying around in the blister pack and potentially getting smooshed in shipment. The set was $4.99, the same as every other year so the case really was free. The first 14 cards are of the team and the last is a Mantle card. The Mets team set has 14 current player cards and the last is Citi Field. Could they not think of one decent Mets player to make the 15th card of that they had to use a building?

You may also notice the chop shop, err, Photoshop picture of Sabathia which looks horrible. The interlocking NY on his hat is not placed properly, and his uniform color is off as well. I haven't opened it up yet but I can imagine Burnett looks just as crappy.

I also picked up a couple of single cards that I am going to scan for a blog later after I watch Grey's Anatomy.

EDIT: Grey's is a repeat. I'm going to watch My Boys instead. Great show if you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.


  1. I agree with you, nice move by Topps on the case. I just might buy a Rangers team set this year.

  2. Frickin' Mickey Mantle over Pettitte? Guess I won't be buying one of these.

  3. Topps has an unhealthy obsession with Mickey Mantle cards ... kinda like Upper Deck with the letter X :)

  4. Step away from the computer, do not photoshop any more cards. That is what series 2 and update sets are for.

  5. Anyone remember those creepy painted on uniforms Topps used to do with their traded sets in the late 1970's and 1980's? Those were hysterical. I have an Oscar Gamble in a painted Yankee uniform. I think Topps should bring those back instead of photoshopping! It would be much more fun.

    The reason Pettitte isn't in this set is because he was a late free agent signing with them.

    And yes, Mickey Mantle being in Topps products is a tired hat. I can't believe they are continuing with this. What they should do, if they must insist on adding Mantle cards is make a redemption card for a special Mantle card, like a 1952 Topps Rookie, or a really cool uniform piece. That would be fun and would make Mantle cards worthwhile to collect.