March 20, 2009

Yankees Tickets Pre-Sale Success

Today the Yankees offered a pre-sale of tickets for the exhibition games against the Cubs, Opening Day, and other "premium games" to full season ticket holders, which includes half season plans as well. I was up bright and early (10am) and refreshing until the option popped up to enter my choices and my pre-sale password.

I had a plan worked out before I went to bed and all appropriate windows were up and waiting from the night before, on two computers just in case one had a problem for some reason. My plan was initially to secure the exhibition games then go for Opening Day, but that changed as soon as I woke up and realized that was kind of dumb. My tickets for Opening Day are currently for sale to help pay for my season tickets, so I wanted to get another one for myself so I could go. I secured 2 tickets for Opening Day for me and Sooz, and was able to get the exhibition games as well.

The cool thing about the exhibition games is that they are the same price as tickets were when Yankee Stadium opened in 1923. Bleacher seats were 25 cents, and I got 4 tickets to each game totally $3.75 per game total with shipping. Surprisingly Ticketmaster did not charge a convenience charge for these tickets, which was nice since they were intended to be cheap. I wonder if hot dogs are going to be a nickel, because I would gladly have one for a nickel even if they are bad for me, I just want to be able to say I had a hot dog for a nickel at some point in my life. I would also like chicken fingers. You may think that's crazy, but in the bleachers in the old stadium they did not offer chicken fingers, and I am sure in 1923 they didn't have them either, but I want to sit in my bleacher seat and scarf down some chicken fingers.

At any rate, I am so amped up for the regular season it's killing me. I have been watching most televised spring training games and it just isn't the same. You can only take them so serious knowing they mean absolutely nothing. I know NCAA is March Madness, but I would still take baseball over it.

Is anyone else going to their home teams opening day? Anyone going opening night in Philly? Sooz will be there covering that game, I wish I could get a ticket for that it will be a great night and Phillies games are awesome to go to. The best part of Phillies games is the ice cream there. Anyone who has ever had Phillies Graham Slam knows what I am talking about.


  1. Unfortunatly the A's open on the road this year in LA, but we do have tickets to the home opener. I'll be taking my daughter to her first game. She'll be 3 months old by then.

  2. I took my nephew to his first game when he was just three years old. This was about three years ago, and he still remembers it.

    He always like to say, remember when we went to the Yankees game and we had ice cream?

    We last about three innings before he was tired and wanted to go home. Then, he hell asleep in the car, but loved the game (the parts we saw), the train ride to and from the game and the giveaway, which was a diecast Yankees car.

    It was fun and one of my favorite memories with him.

  3. I'm going to try to get to the Tennessee Smokies pre-season exhibition game (7 innings against a local college).

    This will be Ryne Sandberg's managerial debut for the Cub's AA team.

    But, my wife asked me to go to a concert with her. I guess I can see the Smokies play later.

  4. Sucker.

    Just kidding, that is nice of you to go along with the wife. Hopefully you can snag an autograph when you get to the game.

  5. In a bizarre twist of fate, the Tigers open on the road and don't have their home opener until Good Friday! In all my years of going to Tigers opening days (every year that I can remember except last--my first in Baltimore) it has always been a Monday or Tuesday. So, I will be going to the O's opening day on Monday, then flying to Michigan later in the week to see my family and go to Tigers opening day on Friday! Wooo!

  6. I plan on being at the Fenway/season opener. There's nothing quite like being at that first game. Unless, of course, it's sleeting.