March 23, 2009

World Baseball Classic

I'm not too sure how many people out there have sat down and watched these games, but I for one have watched maybe 5 innings total of this "classic" event. I couldn't care less about this, and the fact that Japan is playing Korea for the championship, or whatever, doesn't make me want to watch that game either. So much for America's pastime.

I honestly don't see the point in this event. It tears guys away from their teams in spring training, and sometimes these players end up getting hurt while playing and wind up on the DL. I understand that can happen in spring training, but really they are not going all out for spring training games like they are when they are actually competing for something. This is what the Olympics is for, well it was until they shut it down in 2012. Baseball and softball are shutdown for the London 2012 games, and there is still talk of what may happen at the summer games in 2016. This should not replace the Olympics.

The final game is on tonight at 9:30 live from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in case anyone out there is actually interested.


  1. I've paid attention to this thing and have watched when I wasn't so busy working.

    I disagree about the Olympic thing because these countries aren't getting their best players out there. The Olympics happen in the heart of the summer and teams can't lose their best players for two weeks in the middle of a pennant run to the Olympics.

    That's why spring training is an ideal time for this sort of event. If it didn't mean anything, these stars wouldn't be playing for their respective team because it's on a volunteer basis.

    I sadly think that this means more to people in the other countries than the US because nationalistic pride is bigger in other places.

    If these games weren't held in the US, I feel they would have sold out.

  2. I understand the timing for the Olympics isn't great for guys on MLB teams, I just think that this is basically the same premise on a lesser scale.

    It means something to the guys that play, but unfortunately when you watch the games there are not many people at them and the people that are there are rooting for teams other than USA.

  3. Shouldn't the WBC be the Real World Series?

  4. I've seen a handful of games, though I really can't muster any enthusiasm for another Japan vs Korea matchup tonight.

    The elimination game between Puerto Rico and the U.S. was definitely worth watching, but that was really the only good game I saw (the rest were all blowouts.)

    With baseball out of the Olympics, I think there is a place for the WBC. I just wish you could get the American players (and Joe Morgan) to be as interested in the WBC as the players from the other countries are.

    Get the American players to stop treating it like a series of spring training all-star games, and the American fans will follow.

  5. I really enjoyed the classic and loved the 10 inning finally tonight, these guys play with passion and heart and the crowd was more into it then any MLB regular season game and possibly most of the playoffs. I don't see what's not to like? I do agree abou spring training however and think it should be played in mid Feb.

  6. This is all I've been reading everywhere. IF the US team took an interest. It's March. If you played baseball for a living, would you want to hurt yourself in March and sit out the entire season? Or if you owned a team and payed a player $20 million a year, would you want said player to get hurt in Bud Selig's fantasy league?

    This event should take place in November if they want full participation by the MLB players. They could play the whole thing in 2 weeks. The players bodies are conditioned and in game shape from the season, and if they do get hurt, they have all winter to recover.

  7. Wow. I couldn't disagree more. If anything, nowadays, playing four weeks of spring training games is an anachronism since most players, with the exception of some pitchers and players recovering from injuries and/or surgery, no longer need that much time to get ready for the season. If a player is healthy, I see absolutely no reason for a player not to play in the WBC.

    In terms of excitement, the Netherlands/Dominican Republic elimination game, the US/Puerto Rico elimination game victory, and the Korea/Japan final should all rank as some of the best games of the year.

  8. I see. You're looking at this through USA colored glasses. That's rather short sighted.

    Using the argument that players get hurt in the WBC is tired and overall B.S. Participating in the WBC is a choice -- and if you get hurt during it, it's your own doing. Don't blame it on the WBC.

    I watched as many games of the WBC as were available to me and to say they were not well attended shows you weren't paying much attention. The enthusiasm I witnessed for the Puerto Rican team was amazing. They beat any USA crowd anyday.

    I'm sorry you didn't see the merit of the WBC. Maybe because you're from the US? I have no idea. I am from the US and loved it. Yeah, good for me.

  9. There were fans in attendance for all of the games, but like you said they were for teams other than USA. Sadly, we are spoiled because we see the MLB 7 months a year more or less. I am not condemning others for enjoying this, but to me I didn't get much out of it. Not looking for an argument, just saying what I thought of it.

  10. Play it at the end of the season and add this twist. The teams that represent their country are that country's professional league champ. If they have a player from another country on that team, he can be replaced with another player with the proper citizenship.

    A true World Series if you will.

  11. I don't see why they have to play this thing during Spring Training. What is wrong with right after the World Series. It isn't like it goes down to 30 degrees in Los Angeles and Florida on a regular basis. Then there is also the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Playing this thing during ST is insane. These guys are not in shape and they are then expected to go out and perform at midseason level. Crazy. Play this thing AFTER the season, not before it. You think the USA wins against Japan with C.C. Sabathia on the mound instead of Roy Oswalt? I think C.C. might have pitched had he known there was an entire winter to recover. Until baseball gets its head out of its rear end there will be problems.

  12. Well, for what it's worth, I didn't even watch one inning of it. Nothing about it made me want to watch.

    I do agree that there should be a 'true' world series, though. I mean, it's not really a 'world' series if it just has teams from the mlb....