March 9, 2009

Surgery for A-Rod

This could mean the World Series for the Yankees, I only mean that in a half kidding kind of way of course. If the Yankees are in first place until he makes his red carpet entrance onto the field, and then they suddenly drop... well we may laugh (cry) about it later. One never knows how this may play out, but I think it will be very interesting to see how they perform as a team without him especially since he will not be in the dugout and clubhouse right away.

He is having arthroscopic surgery today in Colorado that is going to put him on the shelf until May, but they are saying he could be swinging a bat within a week if all goes well. May is still the estimated return date regardless of when he can start rehab. Though the controversy still surrounds everything he does the Yankees will miss his bat in the line-up in April since that is when he can hit. Yes, I am aware that he knows how to hit homeruns when we are up by 10 runs, or down by the same, but he is the best hitter on the team regardless.

This is all good news for Canuck and his eeeevvvilll plan to ruin the Yankees...


  1. This is good news - hopefully the first of many devastating injuries for the Yankees this year :)

  2. You mean the Yankees had a shot at the World Series before? :)

  3. Easy there buddy before we start sacrificing Ellsbury cards to the chipper.