March 6, 2009

Super Mailday

If everyday the mail looked like this, I would be a much happier person. There are some trades in there, and a couple of eBay items as well as a little something Chris from Stale Gum was sending over. I am still working on Chris' bubble mailer. Just think of how much more fun getting the mail would be if all this was mixed in everyday. I know I would love it.

I sent out the remaining packages the cards of the teams requested. I still have a TON left, especially White Sox, Brewers, Red Sox, Reds, and Cardinals. Those may be a little heavier to mail though. Most of the packages that went out were between 6 and 10 ounces, I believe. They were as stuffed as I could make them, and they were packed in stacks and wrapped up with some packing popcorn.

I will be opening up these bubble mailers this afternoon, though I am dying to open them now I have an appointment at 2pm. For anyone in the tri-state area there is a card show on Long Island this weekend, I don't have the information but you can ask Sooz for it if you are interested or check Beckett's calendar, it should be on there as well.

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  1. Is this where I post;

    Team Canada 6
    NY Yankees 0

    I wasn't sure.......