March 17, 2009

Spring Tease

Today it's exceptionally warm in my area of New York. By exceptionally warm, I mean I don't need a coat to go outside. I had a little fun before work detailing little parts of my car that needed a little cleaning, and vacuuming it all nice. I love the time of year when you can go outside clean the car and not worry about what you are spraying freezing to the car or to your hands. Sadly my fingers are currently covered in brake dust, and I don't mind one bit. This is also making me very antsy for baseball to start already. Just a hint of warm weather and I am ready to wash the car, plant some vegetables, and go to a baseball game.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold again, but at least I enjoyed my short time of Spring and I am hoping that it will come back to visit very soon.

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day! The picture on the left was taken one year ago today at Brighthouse Field where the Phillies have their Spring Training facility. Sooz and I were there celebrating St. Patrick's last year. I also drank a green beer later that same night, in case you were wondering.


  1. St. Patty's is a big deal here in Happy Valley because it's a heavy drinking school. And the weather's nice. Today is going to be GRRREAT!

  2. I'm going to Clearwater this weekend with my dad. Can't wait!

  3. Last year when I was down in Clearwater for the World Series, it was definitely a Phillies town. Mostly the area right around the stadium, but there were more Phillies fans than Rays fans in Clearwater.

  4. The St. Pete Times says that there were more Rays than Phillies fans to watch the World Series games at Brighthouse Networks Field:

    The mayor of Clearwater even got a blue mohawk haircut to support the Rays.

    Many fans of the Phillies, Yankees, Blue Jays, and other teams who have spring training in the Tampa Bay area have been converting into Rays fans...

  5. I don't believe anything I read in the newspaper.

  6. Does that include your own writing, Sooz? :)

  7. let me know if you guys are interested in any of the Topps patch cards. I have a Mantle (51 WS), Gehrig (33 WS) Larson (56 WS) and 3 otyhes I can't think of off the top of my head.
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