March 2, 2009

Snow Day

It's official now it is freezing, windy, and snowy. By my house it is 9 degrees with the wind chill, and the wind is whipping very hard. I went outside to get the mail and almost got blown over. Only one side of my car had snow on it because the wind decided to clean one side.

Now since it's so cold, I have no desire to really leave the house or my pajamas for that matter. Getting to the gym today is probably not happening, but Albert and his friends will keep me company here.

I was supposed to head off to the post office today to mail out some cards I promised people, but that probably will not happen. My neighborhood looks like an ice rink, and I am cold. I will mail all the stuff out tomorrow. My quest to get rid of unwanted cards is moving along slowly, but moving. I am still waiting to hear back from some people on Moments & Milestones cards, especially if anyone has any Albert's for me.

Anyone snowed in? Or pretending to be snowed in like me?


  1. Not sure I want to rub this in but I don't know how, State College, PA missed the snow completely. Sure it's cold and windy but not one snowflake in fact, it's very sunny.

  2. I guess this small package of Orioles cards will just stay here in the snow with me then... =)

  3. Ha! We got NOTHING.

    Makes up for the other 900 times when we get dumped on and everyone else is walking around in shorts.

  4. I had about 6 inches of snow in my part of central NJ. I called in and did some work at home today rather than contend with the snow & traffic... though I probably could have made the trip safely if I had to.

    I kinda hope this was winter's last hurrah... I've had enough already.

  5. Well, the weatherman started a rumor that there could be another snow storm this weekend...

    Where is spring?

  6. Got 5 inches Saturday but what didn't melt Sunday is all of the way melted now.

  7. I feel your pain ... I used to live up North.

    It was too cold even today to visit the post office - (fell below 60 degrees).

    However, it was sunny and so I put on a jacket and rode the bike to post the appointed cards.

    Hopefully, it will warm up for you soon, but its worse for me - I'm used to it being warmer now - so even a small drop in temperature is terrible.


  8. Jeffrey - I didn't know that you lived in State College - are you a Penn Stater?

    We got about an inch of snow in NC last night, so schools are closed and it's a "work from home" day for me. It's mostly melted now, so all should be back to normal tomorrow.

  9. We got about 5 inches in Baltimore, but I was kind of disappointed, cause they were calling for up to 10.

    Every day is a snow day when you're unemployed :)

  10. A little outside of Atlantic City, we got about 8-10.

    I attempted to shovel my car out.

    I gave up.

  11. 72 degrees in Albuquerque today.