March 5, 2009

Scored on a Fielder's Choice

Today I went to the post office to send out all the vintage cards that everyone had paid for, and check my mail box for any interesting items that may surface. Much to my surprise was my trade from Dave at Fielder's Choice who is one of my favorite trading partners. We traded books, I sent him The Card and he sent me Card Sharks. We also traded a couple of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, and he sent me 2 bonus cards which were sweet. The first card was a 2004 Playoff Honors card, #177 Albert Pujols (nice!). I love this card simply because he is wearing the old school, throwback uniform and there aren't many cards of him in this uniform.

The second card Dave sent over is awesome, and part of a collection not many people know that I have unless you have read the blog from the first couple of posts. I started collecting Adam Lind at some point last year because he was a cheap rookie to work on and I needed something to do. I really didn't since my player collection is more than I can handle or afford at this point, but that's neither here nor there. The card I got today was a 2007 Sweet Spot Signatures bat card serial numbered 03/99 of Adam Lind. I absolutely love this card. I now have 2 Sweet Spot cards of Lind, and I like them the best out of all of the autographs I have of him because they are signed on the card/bat and not on a sticker.

A big thanks to Dave for the trade, and for the good lookin' out on the Lind for me. Adam is making a nice home here with his alter ego Sweet Spot Sweet Beginnings card that was given to me by Sooz last year.

Now that my secret is out, if anyone has any Adam Lind cards they want to get rid of, feel free to send them my way I will give them a good home here.


  1. I'm glad that you got my packages. I just realized that I do have the Sweet Beginnings Lind auto too, but I guess it's a good thing that I didn't send it to you. We should both thank Bailey from The Nennth Inning for trading the Lind bat auto for some Tim Lincecum cards.

    I got the Pujols card in a cheap box of Playoff Honors that I picked up - you'll see the break on my blog soon.

    My fingers are crossed that I'll get a Pujols card in Heritage too, if my boxes ever get here from NJ...

  2. Thanks Bailey!!!!

    You can always send Sooz some army fatigues and face paint and she can break in to get your boxes. Though you may have to pay her in Jeters instead of Benjamins, lol.

  3. sick adam lind cards. i have a feeling they may be worth a lot more in the future too! he's gonna be good.

  4. I just got my Heritage boxes and busted them - I got a Pujols! It'll be on its way to your mailbox ASAP. I got Adam Lind too, do you need his Heritage card?

  5. My plan worked. I busted those boxes out so good.