March 20, 2009

Salem Card Shop

'Salem Card Shop' doesn't really exist. I looked, Dave. However, I did a search in the yellow pages for card shops in the Roanoke, Va., area , where I am currently holed up.

I don't have a lot of time to spare while I am down here. I am covering Richard Stockton College in the Division III men's basketball Final Four. (If anyone wants to join my live blog tonight from the game, you can go to I may need some friends).

I did find one card shop not too far from here in the yellow pages. But that could be deceiving because many times they are still listed on, I ended going to the shop and it's been converted into a laundry-mat.

Last year (or two years ago), Marie and I went on a baseball card shop around southern New Jersey and parts of southern Philadelphia. I think there were just 2 or 3 shops left on the list of about 20. So, I am not expecting much, but this place is on the way to the arena. I won't be losing any time if I do a drive by and it's no longer there.

However, I am going to give myself and extra 10 minutes in case the shop is there and it's still open.

I already struck out at the 24-hour Wal-Mart last night. They used to sell cards, but recently stopped.

The only other thing I might do is a hit a small card show in Reading, Pa., on the way home since I missed all three major card shows in my region for the last three weekends.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck. I've been on the road covering tournaments. There is precious little time for anything other than work/eat/sleep. If you can find cards during that bit of craziness, then that'll make it worth while.

  2. When I covered the Phillies in the playoffs last year, I tried to play poker in almost every town I went to.

    In Milwaukee, I went to the casino, but the wait time was like 2.5 hours to get a game.

    In LA, I played at the Commerce on the off day between games 4 and 5.

    In Tampa, I skipped the Hard Rock to hit Clearwater to go hang out at Frenchy's near the beach.

    When I'm on the road, I always try to do something fun or different so I can feel at least I got a little of my time out of it.

    Baseball card hunting counts too. I did that in Cleveland.

  3. The local Walmart I go to also stopped selling cards. I think they were losing money on shrink. People used to just open the packs and leave them there. They ruined it for the rest of us. All I have left is Target.

  4. Speaking of Target, I have to go get gas and coincidentally have to pass a Target. Sweet joy!

    Card show today in my area, but traffic is terrible on Fridays on the bridge with commuters. Not to mention, my partner in crime is in Va. leaving me to navigate the shiny and WNBA cards alone...

  5. Wallmart wont be buying from Vendors! but directly though the card companies themselves according to a manager at one of our local wall marts she said two weeks an they will have cards. Interesting to see what they will offer. Grant

  6. The two Wal-Marts in my area have moved their card sections to the ends of checkstands, and the selection is pretty bad. It's funny, because there's one in Austin that I've been to that has tons of stuff, supplies and everything.

    I hate the idea of giving Wal-Mart even a penny of my money, so maybe it's for the best, even though Target is really out of the way for me.

  7. I live in the Roanoke area thier are two card shops out here one is at Happy's fle-market it's called C & M trading cards. The other is on Williamson Road here's the site