March 21, 2009

The ride home

Tomorrow morning I will be headed home from Salem, Va. The team I covered, Richard Stockton College, lost 61-52 to defending national champs Washington University in the Division III national championship.

It was a fun season. I genuinely like the guys on this team. I usually can't say that about all the people I cover. I've met some real jerks, but not these guys.

Anyway, to treat myself, I am thinking about hitting the Reading, Pa., card show tomorrow. It's not White Plains or the Philly show, but it's something right? When I was in Denver two years ago, I hit a card show there and bought a box of Turkey Red. I pulled a Dick Perez signed Derek Jeter large box topper /25. Perhaps I should try finding something local and try my luck on the road again.

Reading (pronounced redding) would put me an hour of my way in an already six-hour drive.

What do we say?

Reading or straight home?

By the way, anyone else watching the W. Kentucky/Gonzaga game?


  1. a six hour drive??? Do they not have airports in Reading? or wherever you were....

  2. I am in Salem, Virginia. The only way to fly here would have been fly out of Philly (which is an hour from me), take a layover in Detroit and then come down to Roanoke.

    It was convuluted and would have taken just as long to get with travel time and all.

  3. Stop in Reading, you'll enjoy the time spent and would kick yourself all the way home if you don't.

  4. Do the card show in Reading. That's what, an episode of Lost? Or 24. Or whatever it is you kids watch these days.

    You'll kick yourself if you don't.

  5. And no, I didn't see Chris's comment about kicking yourself.

    Now the fates have decreed that you must attend.

  6. Wow, small world. The school we cover regularly, St. Lawrence University, lost to Richard Stockton in the Division III Sweet 16.