March 30, 2009

Nasty weather

Last night we got some really nasty weather in my area, hail was the size of quarters and silver dollars. It was coming down so hard we thought the windows were going to break, the deck was covered and so was everything else. Today I go outside to run an errand, I look at the hood of my car and it is dented like Swiss cheese. It got pelted and destroyed, hood and trunk alike. I checked the other cars on my driveway and they were all dented, but not as bad as mine. Lucky me. So we have to have the insurance company come look at everything. Did anyone else experience this lovely weather last night? If you did, I hope you checked your cars. It has hailed here before, but never the way it was last night- it was absolutely insane.

After it calmed down I was going to open my one lonely blaster that I was saving for a rainy day, but my dog was being a baby and needed to practically sit on my lap. So I was babysitting one dog, and my brother was babysitting the other dog. In their defense, it did sound like we were being invaded.

On another, more related to the blog kind of note, I picked some YSL cards from a dude selling them for a buck each over 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting. He said he was out of town on business and blamed his wife for not mailing them. Really? That's the best excuse he could come up with? I wanted to let him have it and ask him why he didn't just e-mail me when they were purchased and let me know he was out of town along with some other choice words, but I decided to just wait it out.

Baseball season can not get here fast enough. I am bored out of my mind.


  1. I could hear the hail last night as well. Fortunately, both cars were in the garage.

    But I had a scared 6 year old to try and calm down.

    Paul in Bergen County

  2. I would have your roof inspected as well. If your car is as bad as you say, I can bet that your roof may be worse. I know from experience!