March 4, 2009

Mail Box Excitement

For those of you who say women are hard to please, you are dead wrong. Today I go to the mail box to check for any of my eBay auctions that I shouldn't be buying, and there was a penalty card. (That's what I call the yellow cards that tell you that you have a package that did not fit in your P.O. Box to claim.) I go to get it, and to my suprise it was a GLORIOUS package from Todd (Uncommon, I presume).

I was dying the whole 5 minute ride home to open it because it was something I was not expecting, and once I got home I tore into it like I had never seen mail. And what you may ask was in the box, well... It was a BOATLOAD of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, and some House that Ruth Built inserts, which I have none of. Best day ever! Todd, you made my week. There are so many here that I can not wait to total it all up into Beckett to see where this leaves me.

I shall seek only the finest Royals cards this side of the blog for Todd. I hope I can send him stuff that makes him just as happy as I am.

I also got one eBay auction that I will show off later on. I have to go work on sorting the teams for the people who have claimed and paid.