March 1, 2009

I fell

I never realized how high the wagon actually was until I fell off it yesterday. I fell off, hit my head hard, tumbled around and finally got back up.

However, before I show you how I fell off, I'm going to show you what kept me rolling down the hill. I went to Barnes & Noble tonight to use a gift card I received for Christmas. There are none near me, so I had to drive about 45 minutes to the closest one. It was Saturday night, the boyfriend is working and I have nothing to do.

So driving aimlessly around southern New Jersey was high on the list.

I got owned by Starbucks twice tonight. The one at B&N didn't have any more green tea and the one in Target closed as soon as I walked in.

But, the plan was to hit Wal-Mart and find the elusive 2009 Topps black cards. Just 'cause I opened a case of these doesn't mean I don't need more. After all, I didn't get the black cards. So, a blaster it was for me.

For the record, all these cards are for trade. Every single one of them ...

Here are the contents (reminder these cards are all black):
Pack 1:
Andruw Jones
Brandon Webb & Dan Haren
Legends of the Game, Roger Maris
Toppstown Gold, Jake Peavy
James McDonald
Mark Teixeira
Chris Coste
Brandon Inge

Pack 2:
Kyle Kendrick
Chris Young (Padres)
Matt Stairs (postseason highlights)
NL Leaders - Howard, Wright, Gonzalez
TT - Pujols
Jeff Baker

Pack 3:
Ryan Rowland-Smith
Joe Mather
League Leaders - Lee, Halladay, Dice-K (despite this card saying AL League leaders)
Upton, Crawford, Longoria - postseason highlights
TT - Krod
Max Scherzer
Jeff Francoeur
Roy Oswalt

Pack 4:
Zack Greinke
Erick Aybar
Santana, Lincecum, Peavy - NL League Leaders
TT - Ichiro
Michael Bowden
Shane Victorino
Jay Bruce
Mike Napoli

Pack 5:
Edwin Encarnacion
Tim Hudson
Saltalamacchia & Hamilton (the salty ham card)
Geoff Jenkins - gold card
TT - Soriano
Gaby Sanchez
Tom Gorzelanny
Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Pack 6:
Angel Berroa
AJ Pierzynski
Denard Span
Hamilton, Morneau, Cabrera - AL League Leaders
Turkey Red - Brian Giles
TT - Sabathia
Brad Ziegler
Bobby Cox

Pack 7:
Juan Uribe
Johan Santana
Cesar Izturis
Cabrera, Quentin, ARod - AL League leaders
TT - Morneau
Albert Pujols - MVP (this card is claimed by Marie)
Jo-Jo Reyes
Ramon Castro

Pack 8:
James Shields
Brandon Wood
Andrew Miller
Jorge Cantu
TT - Markakis
Evan Longoria - ROY
Asdrubal Cabrera
Omar Vizquel

Pack 9
Jermaine Dye
Chris Duncan
Shane Victorino
Elijah Dukes
TT - Ryan Howard
Scott Lewis
Brad Penny
Carlos Pena

Pack 10
Cliff Lee
Josh Hamilton
TR - David Wright
TT - Peavy
Xavier Nady
Aaron Cunningham
Kelly Johnson
Conor Jackson

Commemorative patch card:
Ted Williams 1953 All-Star game patch card

Come back tomorrow to find out how hard I actually fell.


  1. Hope you didn't "hurt" yourself too bad ! I would be interested in the Indians : Lee, Lee-Leaders and A.Cabrera (plus any I may have missed). Also the Maris legend ,ToppsTown gold Peavy and the Williams patch. I'll check your want list and get back.

  2. So are these cards serial numbered or anything?

  3. No, they're just black cards. A variant without a serial-numbered exclusive to Wal-Mart.

    I didn't post a picture because there were a ton floating out there already ... and I'm too lazy to scan stuff.

  4. Which version do you like better?

  5. I could use that Ted Williams patch ...

  6. 5 Braves.... if only you knew a Braves guy... if only...

  7. I was wondering if I could get the Jay Bruce card. I came across your site a few days ago, and it's one of the baseball card blogs I read every day.

  8. Anyone looking for a trade, shoot me an email ... yanxchick AT gmail DOT com