March 2, 2009

How I fell ... A Tale by Sooz

The Topps Wal-Mart blaster didn't open the door to my baseball card free fall. It just stopped me from rolling down the hill.

The thing that got me was all the talk about Topps Heritage. Everyone was talking about the 1960 design on the cards. How pretty they looked and how many boxes they expected to get.

I tried to hold out as long as I could. I really did. But my debit card just jumped out of my wallet right into the swiper. I had no choice. So a box of 2009 Topps Heritage and I made it home.

The box was sturdy enough to hold my head up after I fell off the wagon. Today's snow helped with the bruising.

Since I made my fall, I figured it was only fair to share my haul. (I purposely rhymed).

I'll open packs 1 through 4.


I didn't open it, but I looked through the wrapper and saw some people I didn't care about. It's a 1960 advertisement panel. A Fred Lewis is on there and some guy from the DBacks.

Pack 1:

Gary Matthews
Brian Wilson
Pablo Sandoval
Phil Hughes
Dice-K (SP)

Marlon Byrd
Fred Lewis
Brad Lidge

Pack 2:

Matt Antonelli
Nyjer Morgan
Pudge Rodriguez (Yankee)
Jensen Lewis
Jason Bartlett (SP)
Jason Werth
Ervin Santana
Jonathan Niese

Pack 3:

Ryan Feierabend
Ken Griffey Jr. (White Sox)
Kazmir, Price, Shields
Felix Hernandez Chrome /1960

Adrian Beltre (SP)
Xavier Nady
Kyle Kendrick
Cueto and Bruce

Pack 4:

Jesus Flores
Brian Bannister
Edwin Jackson
Doug Davis
Ryan Dempster (SP)
JJ Putz
Phillies - The Champs Celebrate
Vladimir Guerrero

Stay tuned as the tale continues ...


  1. That Kazmir-Shields-Price card is SWEET! I hope that it's in one of the two boxes that I'm waiting to receive...

  2. not a single Brave?

    I feel sorry for you.

  3. That Phil Hughes card looks good. Looks exactly like something I'd expect to see from the original 1960's set.