March 12, 2009

A "Grand" Surprise

Today was an 'I love the mail' day. I seem to be having these days more often than 'I hate the mail' days, which is awesome. When I opened my mailbox today, it was just how I like to see it- stuffed with bubble mailers. There was one in there that came as a total surprise to me, and made me very curious the whole 4 minutes home. It came from Dan over at Grand Cards, and boy was it grand. Dan sent me the only 4 cards I had any interest in from the Wal-Mart Topps black set and made my day.

Here is what I got:

#4 Jones, Pujols & Holliday

#217 Pujols 2008 NL MVP

#290 Albert Pujols

#94 Adam Lind

I think I like this set better than the actual base set simply because it's something different. The blacked out backgrounds made the players images jump out, plus they just look a heck of a lot nicer to me.

Thanks so much Dan! You saved me from having to update my want list twice, since I never had a chance to add these then take them away. If anyone has any spare Curtis Granderson cards, send Dan an e-mail.


  1. Not that I was looking or anything, but boy does that black background enhance certain "aspects" of Pujols.

  2. That's a terrible picture of Pujols on his base card. Topps should be ashamed....