March 4, 2009

Free Card Update

Everyone that has e-mailed me for a team and has paid is all packed up and going out tomorrow. Some of you requested teams, but I haven;t heard from you. I have piles of Tigers, Astros, Twins, Dodgers, White Sox, Pirates, and Cubbies looking to run away from me. Please give them a good home.

The people interested in the Yankees (there were several of you), I am working on a second batch right now. One was paid for and claimed, and now I am trying to put some more together. I am also working on some Indians for Baseball Dad =)


  1. If you can't find a home for the Pirates, I'll take them.

  2. e-mail me for shipping payment info.

    cardbandits AT gmail DOT com

  3. dodgers are welcome here! i'll send an email.