March 11, 2009

Card Cleaning Success

I want to thank everyone who was kind enough to give my old cards a good home, or take them and give them to children in the area, whatever the case may be. I was able to get most teams out to people who wanted them, and I still have two to mail out for trades. I cleaned out one full box of 900 cards, and part of another with still some cards left to spare from a friend and a yard sale.

There are many cards still left if anyone is interested. I still have Reds, A's, Rangers, Padres and possibly some other extras.

I also sent out a few random bubble mailers to some fellow bloggers who have been very nice to me with trades, or just found some cards I knew they would appreciate. I also received many packages like this, so I like to return the favors. I am working on sending out stuff to Todd Uncommon, Stale Gum, The Pettitte Pursuit, and Chris. Those cards will go out by Friday, I am gathering and packing them up tonight.


  1. THANK U
    That was very kind of U

  2. Got my cards yesterday!! Thanks so much again!!

  3. I'd be interested in any A's you might have from 2007 to the present. I'm sure I can find something for you in return!

  4. Definitely have some recent A's cards, please e-mail me and let me know what you are thinkin.