March 6, 2009

Bubble Mailer Day - Envelopes 1-3

They were fun little envelopes, certainly not the best of the bunch but they were cheap. The first one was an eBay auction for a 2009 UD Starquest Gold Rare Pujols, which I got for $1.04 total.

The next envelope was also an eBay auction, the card cost me 99 cents without shipping. It is a 2009 UD Rivals card of Pujols & Berkman. When UD first came out these cards were going for like $3+ so I held out until the prices dropped a bit. Of course the economy is lowering the price of many things these days on eBay anyway.

What I would like to note about the UD Rivals card was the packaging, which I photographed for everyone. Sometimes we get cards in the mail that are packed horribly and end up damaged, or just packed horribly- yet arrive perfectly fine by some divine intervention. This card was like Fort Knox to open.

Next is 2004 Leaf Certified Cuts Albert Pujols #367/599, also 99 cents. Now, in contrast to the packaging on the Rivals card this next one annoyed me. I understand that cards don't have to be over-packed like the last example, and I don't expect that. But I do expect to receive cards the way I would send them out in trades or from our store. This was in a penny sleeve and thick (75pt.) toploader meant for a jersey card, and clearly this is not a jersey card. The card was half way out of it when I opened the envelope (annoying). It doesn't look bad form rolling around in transit, except for a slight white part on one corner.

No matter how they got here, they are all being welcomed with open arms into their new home in my Pujols binder. Despite not having much money to spend on cards these days, it is nice to catch a bargain card, especially inserts of Pujols on eBay here and there. It also helps not buying packs and blasters everyday like I normally would and saving it for a couple of cards that I do want. I love opening packs and blasters, but nothing that is out right now is all that interesting to me. I am still waiting to find a 2009 Heritage blaster, that will be my first blaster of 2009.


  1. Why the scotch tape. Seriously, WTF. I have a box filled with destroyed toploaders because they have the tape residue all over it. Anyone have a good way to get that gunk off? I've tried rubbing alcohol and tried goof off which destroyed the toploader.

  2. there's a product called "GooGone", it's like a waterbased version of GoofOff... it doesn't harm most plastics...

  3. I don't store my PC in toploaders so I really don't care about the tape other than the fact that it is very annoying to open. My GU and autos are in snap cases for safe keeping, the rest are in binders.

  4. That must be a lot of binders.

  5. I bought 2 cabinets for binders... They are almost full. I have a feeling the bookcase I bought for supplies and random baseball card things will end up storing binders eventually.