March 29, 2009

The BGS mailday you've all been waiting for

Yesterday I am leaving the house to go to the gym when I see the Fed Ex truck circling the cul-de-sac. He stops in front of my house just as I'm opening the car door, and I was wondering why until I saw the tiny box in his hands. He had a box of Albert and I needed to open it. I opened it right where I stood on my driveway using my keys to tear the tape.

Needless to say, I was super happy with the results and I think it met my expectations as far as what I thought about the raw cards before sending them in. I knew I didn't have 2 10's here, and I thought they both had a good shot at a 9, and the Bowman maybe even a 9.5. Here is how they came back: (drumroll....)

You can click on the cards to see all the subgrades for both.

Despite the argument both ways about to grade or not to grade, at least now I know that they will be protected for years to come. I can always pick up spares that are not in mint condition for my binder later if I want to (which I can bet that I won't). For whatever the reason may be, there are certain players rookie cards I don't like to keep in my binders just in case something were to happen, i.e. page creases or binder falls and damages a page or pages. It sounds crazy since I am super careful but you never know.


  1. I think grading is a good idea when it comes to a key card. It certainly doesn't hurt anything and why take any chances?

  2. I remember my first BGS grading. I had discovered that I had an '86 Topps Jerry Rice. It was/is in absolute horrible shape. I must not have cared very much about football cards back then, much like now. I had a freebie grading coming to me from Beckett, and since I had nothing else at the time that I cared to grade, and since I wanted to see just how horrible stingy Beckett thought it was, I shipped it out. It came back a 4.5. I would never pay money to have a card in that shape graded, even if it was a Rice rookie card.

  3. Nicely Done! I hear you about certain RCs in binders--I think that it is just paranoia, but I just moved all of my Granderson RCs into Toploaders, and recently did so to his Autos/Relics as well.

  4. I think there's something wrong with the edges in 2001 Topps Gallery because I got a 9 on the edges of my Pujols as well.

  5. I don't know, but I don't remember anything wrong with the edges. I expect a lower grade on edges with black bordered cards because it's so clear to see, but who knows.

  6. I think they grade the edges of black cards on a curve.

    I have had a couple of comics graded and the rarer the comic, the harder they grade.