March 12, 2009

The best kind of Red Sox fan...

is one that sends me Jeter rookies. (Although Yankee fans, especially in the bleachers would have finished that another way.) I made a trade with Section 36 sending him the team set of 2009 Spectrum Red Sox (boo), and asked him to send over some earlier pre-2001 Jeter's, Mariano, or Jorge- providing they were cards Sooz already had. That was fairly easy since she has a zillion. Good news for me because I got some awesome cards today, I scanned Jeter although there were Jorge cards, and Mariano as well.

One card that came as a total shock was a 93 Topps Derek Jeter Draft Pick, I really love that he hates the Yankees. I actually don't have this card for some reason, though it is entirely possible that it is in a screwdown case since I was taught that young to place all cards that could be valuable in screwdowns or toploaders. (Ironically I hate screwdown cases, I find them annoying.)

Here are the goods from the only cool Sox fan:

1993 Topps Draft Pick

1994 Bowman

1996 Topps Stadium Club

1997 Donruss Fan Club

2001 Upper Deck Vintage

Gotta love the floating head action in this retro card. I have a similar card of the Yankees from the 2001 Fleer Tradition (probably the only 2001 box I bought back then- there was no Pujols card in there).

I also landed this cool Jeter card:

2007 Derek Jeter Retrospectrum

I like the retrospectrum idea for the Jeter subset, however it is not something I can actively pursue now with the Yankee Stadium Legacy debacle, but Sooz is trying to finish that set. I don't believe she has all of them yet, so if you have any extras let her know.

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  1. Thanks for the props! I can't believe the luck that you didn't have the Jeter rook. Glad I picked it out. Thanks for the cards you've sent. They're always top notch.