March 31, 2009

The BEST EVER 2009 Heritage Blaster

OK, so I got crap in my last blaster but this made up for it tenfold. Although I did not get a chrome or refractor, I am not disappointed. I decided to rip the packs tonight out of boredom and curiosity.

The first pack made me happy despite the fact that I don't care for what it was. I pulled a Cameron Maybin game used bat card, and a Placido Polanco SP.

We are going to fast forward to pack 5, and then I will show you the other inserts. Pack 5 caught me way off guard. I saw the top of it and was like whoa there, then actually read it. I pulled a Real One Autograph hand numbered 43/60 and all red ink of Mat Gamel. Sick pull for a blaster considering some hobby boxes don't even contain an autograph.

Somewhere in the packs I pulled a Marcus Thames SP, along with the inserts pictured below. Pack 7 also contained 9 cards instead of 8, which oddly enough while holding the contents of that pack I thought felt a wee bit heavier.

So far since the blasters have been around I have opened 4, this is the only one that had a game used card much less an autograph. I think I am going to quit buying these after this one because it's not going to get any better as far as odds. In 4 blasters I did not see an Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter, not that I expect to see them ever but it's a pleasant surprise sometimes to get them.

The autograph is sweet, however I don't care for Mat Gamel and will end up trying to trade it or sell it. One completed listing for a red ink auto makes this look promising if I decide to sell it. I'm not sure how many base cards I needed out of this, but I didn't really intend on trying to complete the set. I have a ton of doubles available from previous blasters, and I'm sure more from this one. If anyone needs any let me know we can work out a trade for something.

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  1. Awesome Gamel pull!

  2. Wow, that's a sweet pull. I've bought 6 or 7 blasters plus probably half a box of single packs and only pulled two GU jersey cards.

    If you want to work out some kind of trade here's my Heritage wantlist.

  3. wow, nice auto!

    just like greg, i've bought a bunch of blasters so far, and all i've got to show for it is a bunch of chrome and refractor cards.

  4. Yeah, the last blaster I opened I didn't even get a chrome or a refractor. I think I'm done, lol.

    I'm waiting on the cards I wanted from some bloggers, and if anyone has seen a Pujols refractor in their boxes plmk.

  5. Post that Gamel on the Beckett boards, and you'll get swarmed with trade requests.

  6. Holy smokes! Autos are 1:70 blasters so that's an amazing pull PLUS a GU!! That's def. blaster of the year. Makes my GU,chrome,refractor,Chipper All Star short print blaster look like crap.

  7. I'm up for a trade as I still need quite a few to finish the set.

  8. Sounds like Heritage blasters are better buy than the hobby edition. I notice that few years ago when I got game-used Stan Musial bat from a blaster box. What did I get from Heritage box? Paul Konerko game-used bat. Now think about it.