March 31, 2009

Beer in the bleachers

Alcohol was banned in the bleachers long before I ever sat out there so I can't vouch for the craziness, but Sooz can. She has been sitting out there way longer than I have. A few weeks ago they announced that beer will now be allowed in the bleachers and will be sold in the bleachers as well. As if there wasn't enough entertainment out there already. There has always been alcohol out there, just not purchased from Yankee Stadium. According to this article in the New York Post, they will be selling 12 oz. beers for $6. Much more cost efficient to drink a 6 pack from the supermarket in the parking lot for the same amount of money as one beer from them.

The last time I bought a beer in Yankee Stadium was when the Yankees played the Red Sox in the ALCS a few years back because my seats were in the tier above home plate. It cost me $8 for a cup that was warm, or maybe it just seemed warm because it was about 30 degrees out. I took 2 sips and handed it to my brother who was happy to have it.

I can bet that on Friday or Saturday I won't be purchasing a beer despite the "coolness" of finally being able to after years of sitting out there.


  1. They sell beer in the Fenway bleachers (maybe they can trust Fenway Faithful more?) but I never understood it. I've seen people go down every inning or two for their max 2 beers. Sometimes, they get right back in line and finish the first two while waiting for the next two. At $6 a beer, or whatever it is, they're spending at least $50 for watered down beer every game. It's crazy. You're right that it's a better idea to just grab a six-pack before the game. Which, by the way, I think several patrons do. During the night Yankees-Sox games, with all the extra time before the game the fans of the visitors appear especially rowdy. :)

  2. Please take TONS of pictures! I'm very curious how the new stadium looks from a spectator's perspective.

  3. I will definitely be taking pictures and I will post a ton of them for everyone to see, or I will put them in an album.

  4. $6 is A LOT. Beers in LA at the WBC were 12.50 for a 24oz, even pricier (for a Bud Light). I guess if you think about it though at an upscale bar/club in the city they will charge at least $6/7 for a 12oz beer. But yeah, save money for cards, drink in the parking lot...

  5. Guess who won an award? You. I'm giving you the Lemondade Stand award.


  6. I love beer. I love good beer, and I've run up $70 bar tabs in short order before. But I won't pay $6 for 12oz of beer unless it's top of the line stuff (which it usually isn't at ball games).

    I'd glady play $6 for 12oz of Wild Turkey though. Whiskey and baseball, no better combination in the world.