March 2, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage

I picked up a couple of packs of these the other night, opened them right in the store because I couldn't wait. For some reason, I love and hate this set every year. I don't care about the set as a whole, but I love the designs. This is one of the more fun sets to come out each year, and they make me happy. Every year you can expect these to look different, and by that I mean more so than Upper Deck Spectrum or Topps Co-Signers which pretty much look the same year in and year out. Though I did not get a Pujols card, I got some cool stuff. I am not posting all the base cards because that has been done on every blog and website out there already, but I will show you the 3 cards that were "cool". I also got a bunch of rookies, and only one Yankee base card of Xavier Nady.

I'm eagerly awaiting Dave over at Fielder's Choice to get his hobby boxes so he can magically get me a Pujols card. Until then, enjoy the 3 cards here and if you are interested, I am willing to trade them. I figure someone has to want K-Rod in his Mets uniform because I certainly don't.

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