March 18, 2009

2009 Topps Cereal Box Sighting

I spotted them yesterday in Sports Authority with a price tag of $11.99, which is $2 bucks more than if you found them at Wal Mart. They also had 2009 Topps Series 1 Blasters for $24.99. I said not thanks to both and continued to the running sneakers (which I didn't buy either).

I have a shiny new blaster to open, which I will probably be doing tonight and writing a post about that. I also got a sweet card in the mail which I will post later on.

I found two random packs of Heritage in Target the other day so I had to buy them, just in case there was a Pujols refractor in one of them. There was nothing in either pack except my 2nd (yes, 2nd out of all the cards in the set) Hanley Ramirez Mayo card. Luckily I found a good home for the extra one, and that will be going out very shortly.


  1. My Target sold out of Heritage so I'm freaking out. I'm hoping your blaster break will calm me down but it will probably just make me hop in the car and drive around aimlessly looking for the stuff. I guess I really am a Card Junkie!

  2. where ddi you find the Heritage blaster? Target?

  3. I've never understood the card display at Sports Authority.

    They always seem to have a smattering of everything, and the shelf is like a core sample. Since nothing sells, it's like 2009 Topps BB rack packs on top, 2008 Series One UD NBA under that, and 2007 Topps BB Opening Day yet underneath that.

    Some of that stuff would collect dust in the last three years, if only dust could get in the cracks between boxes of mixed up sports, wrestling, and the odd Magic: The Slathering assortment.

    They obviously keep getting new material in, but the old stuff never moves, since they are all at their up-the-coccyx prices when originally stickered years ago.

    Hey! Sports Authority! Howzabout a little card sale to move that zombie inventory? It's not like you don't need the cash flow.

  4. LOL, You are so right about that. They are all like that. Today in fact, Target had a bunch of 2008 Opening Day blasters 50% off. I won't lie, I entertained it for a minute just to open something up but passed it up.