March 20, 2009

2009 Mayo Albert Pujols

This is probably my favorite Pujols card of 2009 so far, as far as subsets go. It came to me from Steve, who writes the blog, The Easy Life. Steve's blog has a great deal of information and scans on the set. Now as for the card, it isn't the sharpest card, or the most colorful, but there is something about it I just love. There is just something cool about a card that I don't have 7 of the same card in different colors for years. Topps hit a homerun with this set with me. This is a far better subset than most other things around right now, i.e. Starquest (which I am still chasing a rainbow of colors to complete).

I picked up 4 retail packs today at Target as a sorry you can't go to the card show gift for myself. I got air. Dan from Grand Cards and Lucy at Dinged Corners will benefit from my trip to Target today as I am sending off some cards to each of them tomorrow. I really just wanted to see if anything came out of those since I opened a blaster the other night and walked away with 3 SP's and not one Chrome or Refractor, much less a gu anything. You will just have to wonder if I gambled on another blaster.

The one thing that kind of sucks about the Mayo cards is that last I looked, they are not yet in Beckett and I would like to log in my cards before I put them away so I am hoping they get those in there sometime within the next few days.


  1. That's cool! I haven't followed Mayo, so I dont know which baseball players are in it. After seeing that one, though, I will be checking for sure.

  2. Glad the card got to you okay! the blog is the easy life @