March 4, 2009

2008 UD Documentary

I know everyone, myself included, hated this set. We have not sold any of the boxes we got in originally at the store either. We got 5 boxes in and still have all of them. At any rate, here is what I am thinking. I need plenty of Albert Pujols cards, and have not finished the Yankees either. I have some UD Documentary here, and I would like to find some people to trade with. Did anyone complete any team sets? I am not expecting a positive response to that question since no one enjoyed this product.

In case you can't tell I am trying to eliminate cards that I don't want from here so that I can have more room for stuff (and get more cards). I think it makes much more sense to trade the cards than to hold onto things that I have no appreciation for, which is why I am willing to give away pretty much every card I have from the 80's that I don't want. It's Spring Training, and Spring cleaning around here.

Also, speaking of Documentary if you have any from July 11, please let Sooz know she is trying to get all cards from that date.

Since I will have all of this room once you guys claim the remaining teams (please tell me you want them), has anyone seen a blaster or 09 Heritage yet? I haven't bought a blaster since before Christmas.


  1. Document this.
    March 4/09

    Braves 3
    Yankees 2

  2. I'll trade with you once the price of boxes bombs and I buy some. $42/per that I found on the net is not quite good enough for me to buy and bust as cheap wax on a boring day.

  3. You can buy whichever ones you would like. Shoot me an e-mail @ cardbandits AT gmail DOT com

  4. If you still need Puljos Game 53 (card # 1753) please let me know. I'd be more than happy to part with it. yerf AT hotmail DOT com

  5. Let me know what Reds cards you have. I have decided to start on this set now. If no cards yet give me a price on boxes.