March 29, 2009


That is how many Yankee Stadium Legacy cards I have right now. I got a package on Friday or Saturday from madding containing a good chunk of cards that I needed. I just logged in 47 cards total from all the bubble mailers this week. I know Sooz has some more for me also so that is cool.

I have a great deal from this years UD thanks in part to fellow bloggers because I don't think I pulled any of my own, other than buying on eBay. So thanks to all the people who have sent me cards, and e-mailed me with offers for trades or donations. All are appreciated.

What I have zero of is another story. I do not have a single card between #2000-#2099, not one. I haven't even researched which product these numbers were released in, but it's very odd that in a year of collecting these cards I haven't come across a single one. If anyone has any info, or better yet any cards between 2,000-2,099 please let me know.

P.S. 7 days left til baseball season starts!!! I'm so excited.


  1. I have 4 cards from that range. So I'm proof that they do exist. I'm up to 1016 cards. Obviously it's been a slow month.

  2. I may have a few. I'll check when I get home.