February 3, 2009

What's it like to be so popular?

But only when baseball card shops. At this point, we have all seen the 2009 Topps cards. In fact, we have all opened packs from Target (even me).

However, I really wanted to get my hands on the 2009 Upper Deck. I just wanted to open a pack or two and thrown them up on the blog for fun. Because baseball cards are fun.

Here's how the conversation played out.

BC guy: BC Sports.
Me: Hey. Did you guys get in any of the 2009 Topps or Upper Deck cards?
BC guy: Is this the girl with the really long last name?
Me: Sure is.
BC guy: We got Topps in and Topps Jumbo.
Me: Oh, I just wanted to see if you got Upper Deck. I didn't wanna drive out in the snow.
BC guy: No, we just got the Topps. Alright, see you later.


  1. Well, to me, you're lucky. I'm still waiting to open anything from 2009.

    (Rumor has it that neither big box store near me has '09 Topps yet).

  2. Did you go look? I only stopped at Target last night to get something else, but ended up with a couple of packs from Target.

    I honestly was really looking for Upper Deck just cause I wanted to check that out.

  3. Upper Deck showed up at the card shop I was at today, but they didn't unpack it. It was supposed to be at my normal shop too, but I didn't get a chance to sing by today.

  4. I swear I should just do what I told myself I'd do last year and just spend the $5 or whatever on a Cardinals team set and not buy any Topps. It would be so much cheaper that way. But it's way, way too tempting to open packs, even though I never have any intentions of keeping anything but Cardinals for myself.

    I don't even remember what the Upper Deck design looks like, but I'll take some of those, too. I wasn't successful in my run to Target last weekend, so I'll probably end up dragging my girlfriend out there again this weekend too.

  5. Yeah, I stopped in Target to see if they had UD today they didn't so I just picked up some more Topps.

  6. I didn't go look myself (plan to do so tomorrow). I was told by a friend they still weren't there at Target or WalMart.

    Here's hoping Wednesday is the magic day.

  7. I'm rooting for you.

    I'm hoping our case gets here tomorrow. The weather wasn't very nice in the area and I'm hoping that didn't delay the shipment at all.

  8. The Walmart on the North side of Tyler had 2009 Upper Deck Blasters today. Plus they had rack boxes of 09 Topps.

  9. My Target in NY had no UD, and was sold out of Topps packs.

    My store got in Topps Jumbo boxes, no hobby packs and no UD. Boo.