February 26, 2009

Topps Red Hot Rookie Redemption

Well folks, after the estimated November shipping date my Red Hot Rookie Redemption #11 (Clayton Kershaw) has finally shipped. I like Kershaw, and it's a card I will hold onto until I see how he pans out. Then maybe I can trade him for Albert Pujols if he is decent, or Adam Lind if he sucks.

But they said 10-14 days it should be in hand, I won't be holding my breath. Keep your eyes peeled in your e-mail for the Topps e-mail if you have sent out redemptions for this sub-set.

Back later with some grumblings, hopefully some cards from Target, and some bubble mailer news.


  1. If you ask me that's the highlight of your day right there!

  2. Funny that you'd post this. I got this one and a Gio Gonzalez coming to me in future days.

    (It is just days, right?)