February 27, 2009

Those even-numbered Ring of Honor cards

I finally found the Derek Jeter 2009 Topps Ring of Honor #8.

Not that I was looking high and low for it, but I just didn't know where to get it. All the odd-numbered cards of the insert were put into the 2009 Topps Packs. In the case we busted, we completed the odd-numbered set.

However, at no point did Topps tell me how to get the even-numbered cards. There was no specially inserted card with instructions in the packs, nor was it written anywhere on the packs (I'm 99 percent sure of that).

I stumbled upon the even-numbered cards when I walked into BC Sports today. My boyfriend dragged me to the mall bright and early this morning to get a new pair of glasses. That's not fun and since the card shop is only three stores down, I ventured in there while he picked up his new frames.

Sitting on the counter was a box of Ring of Honor packs. There are five cards per pack, which is considered a starter pack. Apparently, starting last Friday you get a new card every week (and new ones are given out every Friday) with the purchase of a Topps product.

Considering the amount of Topps product I have bought in the past, I got the starter pack and the two next cards for free.

The starter pack consists of: R
RH2 Whitey Ford
RH 4 Cole Hamels
RH 6 Johnny Bench
RH 8 Derek Jeter (yay!)
RH 10 Brooks Robinson

I also got RH 12 David Eckstein and RH 14 Paul Molitor.

Along with the packs is a display, which actually tells you how to complete the set. You can also take home a nifty poster of the card set along with checklist and where to find each card so you can complete the 50-card set.

The five cards in the starter set can only be found there. All the even-numbered cards will be given out at hobby shops across the country and the odd-numbered cards can be found in Hobby and HTA boxes only.

Of course, you can always go to eBay.


  1. could u give a list of all the cards/players?
    thank u 4 you time

  2. I guess you didn't buy your case at a hobby store or you'd have know about the ROH promotion.

  3. No, we purchased it from Blow Out Cards.